My household is sick right now, so posting will be light. In the meantime – check out these fun websites.
Simple Breakfast
Que Sera Sera she is the Cringe book author and Wince and Wine night inspirator (not a word, I know- but it fits so well)
Tiny House Blog
Nie Nie
Woke up this morning This is a little gem of a website I found through links on other sites – she is a sister of a friend and her writing is both inspirational and so easy on the eyes. Love her book reviews.
If you have some fun websites you go to often – let me know – I often feel like I’m in a rut with searching for new websites to read and love – link it up people!

4 thoughts on “Sickies

  1. love that you posted lindsey’s site. i always enjoy her little writings when she does finally update and i dream of writing like her. thanks jodi. i am loving your site.

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