Etsy Giveaway: John W Golden prints

I have highlighted this etsy shop many many times before – I’m always drawn to his print and art style.
John W Golden is the artist and he’s sponsoring this giveaway!! Here’s a blurb about him and his work, taken from his profile on etsy.
“I have been involved in art since I was 11 or so, way back in the 70’s. In that time, I have created a large catalog of work in photography and illustration, and my commercial work in design and animation has been seen on Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, CBS, TNT, TBS, PBS, and TechTV.
I create all my work digitally, mostly starting with a blank screen and using the mouse or a pen and graphics tablet to create an image. I use scans in my collage work, but everything else is painted or drawn within the computer.”

This giveaway is for THREE (3) Woodland Creatures prints – winner’s choice!
You also have to check out John’s wife’s etsy shop Mot and Dot, she does customized art for kids. I’m pretty sure if Jessica saw this she would not let me close my computer until she knew it was purchased for her. Which, let’s be honest here – it might be by the end of the day. Mermaids – PURPLE MERMAIDS – this is such an obvious choice.
To win this amazing giveaway (open to all!) – go look around John W Golden’s etsy shop and report back here, in the comments, with your fav’s. As always, for every person you send over here and who also enters the giveaway and lets me know they were sent by you – you get another entry. Otherwise, one entry per person – Giveaway ends Saturday October 18, 2008 at 11 pm – winner to be announced Sunday morning.
I’m in love with:
The happy bear
Honey bees
The sensible owl
Mind your P’s and Q’s
Go, enter, WIN!!

13 thoughts on “Etsy Giveaway: John W Golden prints

  1. am i supposed to pick one?? b/c i can’t.
    i love the fireflies, the moths, the bees, the sensible owl, the belongs to you collage and bird collages…and i could keep going.

  2. I love the woodland creatures that you have featured for the giveaway, but I also LOVE all of the different dog breeds that he has featured. Big animal lovers in our family…so the I’m diggin’ the dogs!

  3. I love lots of them…
    The Sensible Owl
    The Hirsute Hedgehog
    The Happy Bear
    Engine 250
    Pier Break
    The Sensible Owl is my most favorite! Great giveaway Jodi.

  4. I really love the camera collage #1, and I’m not quite sure why, but i really do!
    and pretty much my all time favorite is the bear and the honeybees… i like bears!

  5. I LOVE my heart belongs to you….I also like Wren no. 1….definately diggin’ the dog breed prints. This is fun šŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for telling me about this, Sarah.
    My favorites are the sensible owl, the dog breed series (the airedale is really cool), and the happy bear, but they are all very impressive.

  7. Very fun shop you found jodi! I like the pick up your dirty clothes….i could use that over here at the keelers!

  8. I know I have missed the cutoff for entering but these prints are GREAT! I love the selection and that you can get anything for ANYONE! The guitar and musical ones would be perfect for the idea that Joel and I have for our dinning room. The animal ones would be great for any room, office, kids room…whatever! Bathroom even. I loved the owl and squirrel! Good find!

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