Get excited for it, you know you want to

In preperation for our next Wince and Wine night I’m going to randomly open a few of my old journals, scan them – and put them here for your merriment. I reserve the right to proof them and possibly pass over them. But I will be random about it.
This first excerpt is from my very first journal circa 1996. My apologies.
This excerpt is from my second journal – boo ya! I was still innocent and this will go on record as the first RED FLAG in what was the abomination of my high school relationship. I received red flags often but was a master at ignoring them thanks to naivete and my sisters subscription issues of Seventeen Magazine.
And for the last excerpt, ah … how I was infinitely smarter than my parents at the ripe old age of FIFTEEN. This one just kills me.

One thought on “Get excited for it, you know you want to

  1. oh my. i’m laughing so hard right now. that first one just KILLS me…probably b/c i have a journal entry just like it! your wince and wine night will be a fun time.

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