Interesting conversations with Jessica so far today:
Jessica: I think you made a mess
Me: Really? Where?
Jessica: Over there – it’s your job.
Me: It’s my job to make a mess?
Jessica: No, it’s your job to pick it up.
Me: Stunned. Silent.
Jessica: You hear me about it’s your job? You hear me?
More silence.
Jessica: I’m gonna get louder. Do you hear me?
And thats where I cut it off. A few “Hey, hey”‘s were said – all is now understood. It is not mommy’s job to pick up messes, although, yes, I do that some times. It is mommy’s job to keep Jessica and Oliver safe, at a three year olds level. (now she’s saying “Mommy I’m so so sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean to you, I’m so sorry”) We are on the emotional roller coaster today.
Another cute one from this morning – Jessica was admiring my hair …
Jessica: You have poofy hair.
Me: I do? Where?
Jessica: And long hair. Poofy hair, and long hair.
Me: That’s interesting – where is it?
Jessica: [Points to either side of my head] There … and There.
Me: Do you like poofy hair?
Jessica: No. I think you should brush it.
Awesome. Thanks so much, child.

One thought on “Conversation

  1. Just wait until the knock-knock jokes start coming, Jodi. Between 1 and 13, I don’t think anything tried my patience more from Aaron as the non-stop 5 year old knock-knock jokes…the only thing that helped me keep my sanity is that HE really laughed and laughed over them, and his adoring sidekick, Leah, laughed too. Maybe between you & me, we can steer Jessica and say that knock-knock jokes are only to be told to DADDY!

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