Halloween’s a-coming!

I’m starting to think I’m not supposed to do this How To on Staging Your Home to Sell – I’ve been working on it for two weeks now and have run into problems with the feature every time I sit down to work on it. Today it’s an issue with uploading a few of the photos.
So – we’ll move on for the day and try again tomorrow.
After many-a-searches online with Jessica as my side kick we finally decided on her Halloween costume for this year (drum roll please) she is going to be a box of popcorn! We’re making it out of a cardboard box and she’s been able to help with the entire process so far which makes this costume extra great because I know she’ll be really proud of it. Kinda like when she helps us make dinner she’s more likely to eat the vegetables. It’s a mystery I don’t want to unwind because it works. I’m not going to test that logic.
What are your kids going to be this year for Halloween? Do you trick or treat in your neighborhoods or go to the mall or a Trunk-or-Treat festival??
Growing up I was never allowed to trick or treat until we moved to Michigan – before living here we were in Texas and Washington and well, Africa … but in Texas we would turn out all the lights, have a family movie night and pretend we weren’t home when someone came to ring the doorbell. We did get a bag of candy – my mom always had something special for us. After moving and being allowed to go out in a costume it was like seeing the Promise Land for a 7 year old.
We don’t live in dense populated neighborhood with tons of kids so we go to a Trunk or Treat festival with Jessica. If we did have kids ringing our doorbell we’d stay home to hand out candy – that’s my favorite part about Halloween. What’s yours?

5 thoughts on “Halloween’s a-coming!

  1. Stop by!! We have a great surprise for Trick or Treaters. And can you believe nobody comes by our house!!! It must be the treats n trunks at Bethany CRC.

  2. Hi! Can’t wait to see pics of the popcorn box! Tara is going to be Cinderella complete with spray glitter in her hair so she is very excited and I found a really cute pirate costume for Jamie Scott, and this is our first year taking Tara (and her brother) trick-or-treating for real door to door, I heard of a great area to go. The past two years we have done church festivals which are fun but too many people and too many lines for a toddler to enjoy, I am totally excited for the real deal this year!

  3. emma is going to be a mermaid and sophia is going to be a dragon…it’s gonna be fun! I’ve never had the girls on Halloween, and I don’t know where to take them…any ideas?

  4. We’re going to the Trunk or Treat at Ridge Point – you wanna come with us? Otherwise I know the mall is having trick or treaters from 5:30 to 7:30 (RP is from 6-8) and a few other churches in Holland are doing Trunk or Treat too … let me know if you want to come – we’ll caravan out there together.

  5. This year Levi is a lion, and has a really mean roar quite down pat. Ezra is a chili pepper :-). We already had one trick or treating adventure at the Grounds this past weekend, and Levi loved it but found it overwhelmingly tiring. I think my brother wants to take Levi through his dorm building on Friday??? Not so sure. Have fun at RP! That sounds like a great option!

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