Popcorn Box Halloween Costume

What I used:
Small box (diaper box, we have a few of these lying around!)
Knife, to cut holes in box
White paint (Used extra laying around also – could even be primer!)
2 Paint brushes
Red duct tape
Thick black permanent marker
Tissue paper (I had just bought some new shoes so I used the stuffing from that)
Red Fleece, or some other kind of fabric to lengthen the costume (and keep those legs warm!)
I cut the holes for the head and arms and had Jessica try it on a few times throughout this process to make sure I was giving her enough room to move around and be mobile with her arms, etc. Then we painted the box white – and she helped!! This was a big win for her, she loves to paint and it was very fun for her to be able to contribute to her costume.
After letting it dry I cut and pasted the duct tape strips onto the box, in no particular order. I didn’t measure the spaces or the strips. I’m a huge eye-baller – I just went for it. Then I wrote “POPCORN” on what would be the front of her costume and then just glues the tissue paper to the top! Viola!
I still have to glue the fleece (which I measured and cut to fit Jessica and the box) to the box – which I’ll probably tackle later today. And that’s it.
Very easy – and super cheap. The only items I had to buy were the duct tape and fleece which was on sale šŸ™‚
****As I’m proof reading this I see I used an exceptional amount of exclamation points, my apologies. That would be my very sleep deprived self trying to amp up the day through blogging, apparently. We don’t get much sleep around these parts lately.

One thought on “Popcorn Box Halloween Costume

  1. can’t wait to see the pictures of her in her costume–it looks great!! (like my exclamation points?:))

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