Can of worms

This is a can of worms I have not opened here on this website for personal reasons. The subject I’m about to discuss (rant on) is volatile, I’ve come to learn, and it’s not my intention to spew my viewpoints in this arena on anyone because I believe that if you’re doing what’s right for your family, then you’re doing what’s right.
I’ll get into this a little later – but this is what’s coming; medicine, vaccinations, chiropractors and in general – health. After spending a good 7 hours in the ER with Jessica yesterday there are a few things I just have to say out loud – and it’s happening here.
I’m not an all or nothing person when it comes to this stuff, which I feel is the general consensus of most people who make these decisions for their family (again, if it’s the right decision for your family then it’s the right decision) it just doesn’t feel right to me to be one or the other. I need balance in this arena and I need guidance. The two main things missing from ALL of my medical experiences to date. Guidance does not me “Do this or else” and Balance does not mean “Lets just see how it goes”.
I know my body better than anyone else, I don’t want to be told to put something into it that I’m not OK with and I don’t want to have to lie about NOT doing it if my medical doctors think it’s the best plan of action. I want you to understand me and listen to me. I want you to care that even though you have book knowledge of how our wonderful bodies operate – I have true knowledge of how MY body operates – and that’s a beautiful thing.
In that same right – I am the driver in the car that is my children’s health and wellness – I want the doctors I choose to surround myself with to be the co-pilots. You’re absolutely right, I do not know everything. Don’t want to, actually. I respect and appreciate the time you’ve put into learning about children and their unique needs. HOWEVER, again, these are MY children. I spend every single hour of every single day with them. We do not smoke, we have no pets, we’re healthy folks for the most part. My child is not the chart infront of you – her name is Jessica, his name is Oliver. They are breathing people sitting on my lap in your office.
And I am the mother. I am the last say here – I will not lie to you about their health but I will not be bullied into treatment I do not think is necessary – and infact I think it’s detrimental to their health over all. We’re a family who looks at the whole picture not just the piece of the pie that’s infront of you for 25 minutes once a year.
Enter vaccinations. People, listen to me. This is our decision – not the decision you should make, your parents made or your neighbors says you’re crazy NOT to make. Jessica is vaccinated, she’s had everything but the chicken pots vaccination – we delayed them – but she has them. Oliver is not. We’re not saying no to them this time around, not 100%, but we’re saying Not Right Now, and very possibly Not Ever.
We also see a chiropractor for all our main health issues – we take nutrition and adjust our diet (which means cutting alot of the crap out most of the time) to get better when we’re sick instead of swallowing over the counter meds or filling prescriptions. We are not against prescriptions – but we believe they’re overused, for our personal liking.
There’s more to this, I’ll continue this rant later – but I’m off to see another doctor – the 4th in the past 3 days, this time we’re looking at Oliver and I’m just praying that they’re willing to focus on the “now” of why we’re in the office, not the “when” of his vaccinations. Can’t we just stand together as parents and medical professionals and talk – decide and discuss the health of our children TOGETHER instead of blindly bowing under their supposed power to tell on us? I think this is a fear that has driven so many of the mistakes I feel have been made in our medical lives. We’re scared. And I’m so done, I am so sick of being scared of the people who are supposed to take care of us.

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  1. Amen sista! I totally understand where you’re coming from. Our first was vaccinated on a delayed schedule and our next will have some vaccinations on a delayed schedule and some he/she won’t ever get. šŸ™‚ I do like our ped. as he’s pretty cool about vaccinations and never pressures – the nurses on the other hand… šŸ˜› But whatever – so far we love the doc!
    Hope they feel better soon!

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