Part II

A few hours later and after re-reading what I wrote – I don’t feel there’s a terrible lot to add to that. I’m feeling frustrated with the processes we go through and the money we shell out of pocket to be disappointed and disheartened in the end. We’ve learned some very hard lessons since being pregnant with Oliver and enough is simply enough.
I absolutely love being able to call our pediatrician when I feel they fit our situation – on the same token I absolutely love taking my kids and myself and my husband to the chiropractor for nutrition, adjustments and check ups. I appreciate both fields – I agree with one side more than the other but, for our lives and in my opinion, I still very much want both teams batting for me.
The pediatrician we saw today about Oliver was wonderful and caring and patient. I actually enjoyed his company, as did both my children. Oliver has an ear infection. Boo for that – Jessica has never had one – so this is new to us. But here we go.
We still don’t have a clear answer as to why or what is going on with Jessica’s skin. They think it’s a viral reaction to her cold – as in the virus that is her cold is making her break out in hives. And we’ve had 3 doctors tell us this, confirm it – from both sides of the fence. So – that’s what we’re going with.
I guess the most frustrating part of deciding what path to follow when it comes to health and medicine is that every one is different – you really have to pick one and stick with it, when some one says this – the other will almost always say that and it’s hard to know what to do. Especially where my kids are concerned. I’m not their bodies, I can’t tell if it feels right or not.
Just another day at the office, I suppose.

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  1. Hey Jod…
    Thanks for posting all of that and speaking your mind about it. I struggle so much with vaccinations and medical care for my boys. I hate that since Everett was vaccinated 2 years ago there are like 5 or 6 NEW vaccines that Solomon is supposed to get. WHAT?!?! Are you kidding ME??? I get stressed about going to the doctor when it’s check up time. I hate doing research about it b/c I don’t believe everything that I read on the internet either…it’s so hard and such a gamble…but it’s our kids’ lives here!!!
    I am looking for a new Dr as well. I am just not that happy with where we are at right now and really am feeling that we are just another # and just another set of eyes for them to look at and try and stare us down to get us to do what THEY want us to do. It makes me cry I get so frustrated and they hand you this SHEET of side-effects and then walk away like it’s not big deal. GUH…
    any way…any luck with this Doc?? I could use some advice and help on this issue. If you are willing it would be much appreciated. :o)

  2. Everything I’ve read that I find reliable says common childhood vaccinations are worth the (very) minor risk. The controversy over autism does not compute with any study that has any credentials I feel comfortable with.
    We have been very lucky in the USA, talk to your grandparents and see how common polio was when they were growing up. My father’s hearing was bad from childhood over an illness that now is rare because of immunizations and vaccinations. These and other common diseases we rarely see here are beacuse we have a large population of people that were vacinnated. The more who forgo it means that the disease we didn’t have a critical mass to support in this country means that it will be able to establish itself with the attendent critical mass of people tha can perpetuate it in any population. There are African countries that believe polio vaccinations will give people AIDS, and many of their children die every year from it.
    I’d go with the flow on this. Having had measles and chicken pox when I was a kid is one thing, getting it an adult because you have no immunitiy either from getting it (or preferably NOT) can all be eliminated with the vaccine. Some o f these things are pretty innocuous as a child, but can have big problems with people as an adult.

  3. Hey Uncle Jim – thanks for your thoughts, would you mind finding some of the studies or information you’ve read on this stuff and link to it here for me? We’ve done alot of research and would welcome additional information from either side of the fence.
    From what we can tell both sides seem to be pretty strong, and we’re not say NO to vaccinations – but we are delaying them.
    One of the books I’ve read is Dr. Sears’ book on vaccinations – which is a pretty good read as far as the medical field and modern medicine goes – he takes the view point of a scared parent very seriously and explains every part of the vaccination in great detail – also leading towards other sources of information for even deeper investigation if needed. We’ve read some medical journals on vaccinations, etc. as well and consulted many pediatricians and other medical personnel, among other things in our research for answers on this one subject.
    Let me know what you’ve read – thanks!!

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