Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

Update – scroll on down, I added more. Way more.
A friend recently asked me for some ideas on handmade gifts … which got me thinking – and then got me researching which brings me here. Here’s what I sent her way, on steroids because I can’t stop myself.
Make a basket and then fill it with home made goodies, scarves or boughten items in a theme – such as “Movie night”, “Book Nook” or “Date night” or for the kids – “Mermaids, fairies and gnomes”, “CARS!” or “No More Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed!”.
Other basket ideas whether or not you make the basket:
A wine theme for the wine enthusiast
A beer theme
Family game night
Mystery murder dinner theme
Make calendars to give out, even as stocking stuffers or to give along side homemade hot chocolate. Also check out the rest of Little Brown Pen’s etsy shop for other printable and very adorable ideas.
Use this as a guide, these don’t look like they’re hard to make and they’re very cute. For the new homeowner or grill enthusiast.
Know how to sew or want to learn? Make a quilt! This is a really fun idea for a baby shower, even. And look around Nettiepete’s etsy shop for more quilt kits or already-made quilts for inspiration.
If you know how to knit or crochet – there are millions of things you could be making for gifts. Scarves, hats, mittens, booties, blankets, sweaters, small woven boxes or bowls, felted purses or bags … the ideas are endless. You could make the stocking to stuff with your calendars and hot chocolate mix.
I’m really going to try to be as hands on with the gifts this holiday season. I can crochet, but it’s been a while since my last project so I’ll need to get that going again – I can sew and am interested in learning how to quilt so I feel like I have a good start. If you’re good with tools there are a myriad of things you could be creating for you gift list recipients as well. Wine racks, shelves, bedside tables, plant stands, magazine racks … etc.
If you were born with 3 thumbs on your dominate hand and just do not feel like being creative, crafty or homemade is right for you – there are still ways to give a gift of yourself without spending much or any money at all. Time. You can give your time. If you offer to clean, babysit or just be available as a companion to someone who’s lonely. You could offer to be a personal shopper if your flair is accessorizing, or offer to help with the process of a re-do in a home (a bedroom, bathroom, etc).
Do you have any great ideas from Christmases past or ideas/links/patterns you’ll be using this year? Let’s share! Link it up.
After some more searching and talking – here’s a few other ideas:
Print your own recipe cards and give the gift of tried and true dinners, recipes, entertaining ideas and tips to a new bride, an old bride or a dear friend.
Print and adhere your own Spice labels and Feng Shui someone’s kitchen cabinets.
Turn and old sweater into a basket fit for knitting, magazines, toilet paper storage in the bathroom, kids toys, sewing items, craft supplies, potatoes in your pantry … etc etc etc.
Um? ADORABLE! Give this little piggie along with a favorite children’s book. Also – here’s a few other animal patterns to try.
Painted China Cute idea for Secret Santa gifts, could also fill this with homemade goodness or have a scarf you’ve knitted/crochets pouring out of it for a stocking stuffer.
Does your mom change rugs like Paula Abdul changes careers? Mine, too. Make one for her! That laundry room of hers is in need of a little flair any way.
Applique Onsie this has so many uses. Of course it’s a great gift for any occasion – but you can take the applique technique to so many levels. Shirts for the men in your family who normally balk at the flannel their in-laws purchased for them, for the third consecutive year. Make them a t-shirt they’d be proud of. Search high and low for downloadable patterns or pictures or phrases you could use. Or create your own.
Flipping adorable – Felted booties
Towel bibs
Vintage handkerchief pillows Could take this out of the nursery era, too and apply to other rooms/motifs.
Baby Kimono’s
Handmade bibs I need at least 12 of these in any given day.
Quilt I love quilts.
I realize this is a costume but I would adapt it for the mermaid enthusiast in our home and make her her very own tail!!! I can just imagine the glee we would hear when she laid her eyes on something as brilliant as this. Of course, it’d have to be purple. With sparkles. Obviously.
So props to www.marthastewart.com I can’t get enough of this site. I actually, honestly, don’t browse this website um, ever. And am now realizing I have been depriving myself and my creativity the air to breathe.
Reusable calendar
Shirt pocket quilt I would love this made from some of my Grandpa’s old work shirts, my step dad’s suits or jeans, my favorite or memorable shirts from Aaron.
Bound book this is a ridiculously awesome idea. Each envelope could be a love note to a dear one in your life, or a letter to a child away at camp, in the war or on an extended overnight without you. For someone who just survived an accident or cancer – or anything equally life changing – make each envelope an adventure … “Today is the day to order one of everything on the menu at your favorite restaurant! Desserts first.” Or – “So you’ve always wanted to sky dive, I hear? I checked the weather, it’s clear. So is my schedule – I’m picking you up at 1 pm. Pic-nic lunch included. Be ready.” Each envelope could have a date for open on it if you needed to coordinate the days. Otherwise this could be used as a keepsake book – and you could predecorate the envelopes for events such as, First Hair Cut (hair clippings to be saved), One year hand print, First report card, First self portrait, etc …
Have a friend or family member who just moved or added a new addition to the family and need more room? Problem solved! Well, mostly. Atleast the under the bed storage is solved. Giving the closet room to be more than just a closet – in our house, Jessica’s closet is not only where her clothes hang (very few) but it’s also Aaron’s over flow closet and it houses her dresser as well to give her room more usable square footage. These under the bed boxes could also be used and adapted to under the coffee table for toys, books, magazines and other things you tend to have out but don’t always WANT out. The ideas are endless.
OH. MY. HEAD. I need to be working for Martha Stewart. No, wait. I need to be the next Martha Stewart and have people working for me. Jodi Michelle. I can hear it now! {End day dream here} Look at THESE. Make your own toy chest for the kids, grandkids, neighbors kids, nieces/nephews etc in your life.
Clothespin Organizer completely relevant and adorable.
Girls catch all
Wire Organizer
Roof tile message board this is very hands off and easy to do, it sounds like. And looks great! I would use something like this in my kitchen for menu planning or something. I might use one in the playroom, too – so Jessica and someday Oliver could color on it.
Super easy and cheap button magnets.
Reuse old sweaters, scarves or hats for new mittens and other functional carrying cases or pouches.
Hopscotch mat

5 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

  1. i don’t have any additional ideas yet, but i’d love to save some $ by making gifts this season… and I feel like it’s just so much more personal ya know? i’m going to keep thinking and planning, good post, thanks for getting those thoughts going!~

  2. Yea, this is fun! I hope we get some more ideas – I’m going to keep searching for good ideas. Maybe some more masculine ones too … gifts aren’t always for or from women … I’ll see what I can do šŸ™‚

  3. i like this idea: (all the others on that website were kind of cheesy, so i won’t include the site!)
    Flavoured Cooking Oil
    Save empty oil or vinegar bottles throughout the year, or buy the plain corked ones you can by extremely cheaply at thrift stores. Half fill with peanut or olive oil. Add twigs of Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Parsley etc. If desired also add some peppercorns for decoration and further flavour and then fill bottle with more oil. Lid or cork and add a pretty ribbon to the neck of the bottle. Not only will these look great on any recipient’s kitchen shelf they will also enhance their cooking!

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