Little chef

Who me?
Jessica is very interested in being independent and on her own. We foster this happily, most of the time. Aaron is quite a bit MORE daring than I in this regard – letting her play with knives and what not. Oh what? You never thought about it? Stop it.
I am being serious though – he lets her use the very sharp knives when cutting onions and other such dangerous activities when getting dinner ready. She’s our little helper and our chef in training.
Witness this:
We are currently in the phase of the “Pickle Sandwich” and she will gladly eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If we’re out of bread, no problem!! Use CRACKERS! If we’re out of crackers? Well, then she’s up a creek.
The pickle sandwich all began when I took her to Subway one day – way back when. I was still pregnant and taking care of my broken mom. The cripple she became after breaking her hip. Yes, cripple. Other affectionate names we use to refer to the women who VOLUNTARILY birthed FOUR children, naturally. No drugs. And two of them were born in Africa. Yea – we like to call her CRAZY. STUPID. and BLONDE. She is none of these things in actuality – well, crazy maybe. I digress.
So Subway – I let her pick out what she wanted on her sandwich and she wanted salami and pickles. End of story. From there on out a Pickle sandwich was always used to refer this combination from this food chain. Then she started asking for them at home – and I never kept salami in the house so we improvised until finally we stopped caring about the meat and only about the pruned vegetable.
And that’s what the modern day Pickle Sandwich really is. Sandwich evolution.
But she’s totally worth it.

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  1. This post just brought me back to childhood because I hate to admit it…. but I was a big fan of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches as a little girl. I know! -It sounds so gross….. but it is pretty good. I also happened to crave it on more than one occasion while I was pregnant with Bella too. šŸ™‚

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