Drawing inspiration

I enjoy art – making it. I love most mediums, as well, or at least I like to try it and figure it out. I’ve recently had the itch to start drawing or sketching more – growing up I would take classes here and there for drawing and painting and loved it. I was big into art as an adolencent – then came the era of Creative Memories and I got sucked in and stayed there for way too long. Now I’m back.
I love exploring the creative side of myself – it gives me a sense of individuality from the mom hat I wear constantly. Art, in any form I create it, gives me a life outside of my norm – a land to explore, take chances, make huge mistakes and no one gets hurt. Noone is the wiser really. And thus begins my new affair with a pen, brush or charcoal …
One of my own
Tea sketch
Moleskin sketch
Another tea sketch I’m really drawn to this, I think I’m going to have to try this out.
Processing sketch
Day 5
Moleskin sketch
Same old sketches
Office Chair

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