Total underachiever

I say this with as little conviction and much less enthusiasm as I can only because I know if I get too excited about it and promise you the world, I’ll never deliver …
I’m thinking about starting a little series about things I own – objects and the feelings they evoke.
Such as:
I own an antique milk bottle crate that has never ever been used for something constructive. I’ve always thought I would plant herbs in it and have it near my kitchen for cooking but every time I get it out to plant something I realize how much work it really is to stuff 9 small holes with dirt and liners, so I put it back on the shelf. Right now it resides in our bedroom in one of the very useful and not-in-use cubbies we have in our built-in book shelves. It just sits there, mocking me with all it’s greatness I have yet to unlock.

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