Where the Wild Things Are

Your kid is throwing a fit and instead of raising your voice you finally sit there and think through this. You come up with this scenario: If you’re going to sound like a dying cat on steroids, you may do so outside. We do not have animals in the house for this reason – they’re noisy and very annoying and just no. So, since when did we start letting our 3 year old be the family pet? Exactly. So out they go. When the animal is done with the crying and the tantrums and the fits – then our sweet child is welcome back into the house, without their alter-ego.
Oh yes. This happened. And it’s cold outside, which is invariably always her argument against this new strategy and we’re always … “Well I guess that’s why animals have so much fur then, huh?”
A tantrum happened this weekend and Aaron said all of the above to Jessica and sent her to the mudroom … what we didn’t think about when we came up with this wicked-rad parenting idea was what to do when the “animal” has to use the bathroom.
Jessica knows exactly how and where animals use the bathroom, she’s fascinated with it. So it gets real quiet in the mudroom and we’re thinking we’re going to see our sweet child back in the house any minute because the tantrum has stopped, but when we don’t see her come through the door after a about 30 seconds we walk over to the door, peer through the window and see our child peeing in my mopping bucket.
We hit the floor, fast. We were almost crying we were laughing so hard – we just watched what happened next as she, matter of factly, got up, pulled up her pants and looked around. Like … Huh, I guess being an animal has it’s perks around here.

One thought on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. LOL….that is priceless!! Don’t ya love it when you think you’ve come up with a fool-proof parenting idea and then they still come up with something ya didn’t even think of?! Moments like that make the tantrums totally worth it….well, most days at least!! šŸ˜‰ Too Funny!

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