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I wrote this as a feature for Raising Peanuts and thought I would put it here for y’all as well. It was posted on her site yesterday – so this is day old bread, you still love me, admit it.
Welcome to our nursery! We’ve had two, one for each child and they’ve been dramatically different mostly because of the rooms they’re in but here is our sons nursery – he’s the baby, 6 months old. This nursery is still very much in use.
Everything in this nursery is on it’s second wind. The crib we had from when our daughter was about a year old, we bought that new – and that was an adventure. I never want to have to shop for a crib again.
The rocking chair is from my fraternal grandparents – it’s their tradition to buy each grandchild a rocking chair as their wedding present. We had it in storage until we moved to this house (I was pregnant with big sis) and have used it in our nurseries ever since. I love the story behind this chair and hope that I can pass it on to Jessica or Oliver when/if they have kids.
The room itself started out as an office, then a guest room and now the nursery. I was infatuated with fish and all things aquatic when I was pregnant with Oliver and made the curtains myself. They’re by no means straight or perfect but thats one of the reasons I love the motif so much. Fish are just funny that way. We thought about painting the pine walls, we have many many walls like this in our house and have painted only one room – it was a process and we just decided not to tackle that. We did however decide to get quite a large rug for the room. It’s hardwood floors are beautiful, but that was too much wood for me.
Here’s how we did the rug: I went to a local carpet shop and only allowed myself to look at the roll-ends (most carpet and flooring centers should have these) I had my dimensions with me so I knew how big the room was – I didn’t really care if the carpet was a certain size, although I knew I wanted it bigger than a little throw rug. When I saw this carpet I immediately loved it. It was blue and white in a wonderful little weave – but the sticker said AS IS and made me a little nervous so I asked about it – apparently there was a little pull in the middle of the whole thing. Problem solved. I bartered on the price until I got it to what I was willing to pay ($200 total) and had them bind the edges so I could use it as a rug and not have to worry about installation. They threw that in the price for me.
Everything else in the nursery is furniture we had in other rooms of the house and all very repurposed. We never owned a changing table in the first nursery – we bought an antique oak dresser that doubled as the changing bed and now is our dresser in the master bedroom. So we lost the changing table and needed to get creative. I did buy another dresser, this time wicker, from my favorite antique store but it smelled of mold so we got rid of it quickly. For a while we were using this puny little coffee table that we had to bend on our knees in order to change a diaper and then, with some friends help, we decided to try this yellow table – pulled from our entry way/mud room and the new changing table was born!
We also bought this at an antique fair. We like us some antiques in this house. The locker is his dresser/storage of bottles, burp cloths, sheets and linens. And the organization underneath the changing table is also due to my very helpful friends. A yellow tub holds toys while 3 red bins hold diapers, blankets and plush toys/overflow. We can also store the unsightly trash bin underneath the table with no issues.
The accesories:
The side table is actually a plant stand that I picked up from my brothers house when he moved and didn’t want it any more. I just repainted it – we store books on the shelves and a basket of nursing essentials. A burp cloth, ointment, tissues, tweezers, nipple shields (for the first few weeks of nursing), a book for me and a bottle of water.
The water spigot hangers I found on etsy ( and we use them to hang hats, jackets or other trinkets for wall decoration doubled as storage.
The art in the room – I bought a couple things from etsy; this and this. The YIELD sign I got, you guess it, from my favorite antique store.
The red bins we’re using for storage underneath the changing table are from ikea same with the added lighting.
I made the blanket for the crib and I swapped crib bumpers with a girlfriend because the one we had for Jessica’s crib was made to fit the older style cribs (which we had – we were using my husbands childhood crib at first) and the fabric we chose didn’t go well in the new room.
And thats our nursery. The furniture has been a few different ways but I love how it’s set up right now. I envision this being a room to grow up in – and easy to change directions and themes as he gets older.

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