We’re in a time warp for the next two weeks – also known as Lynden, Washington. I love this place dearly and I’ll be posting some photos with explanations and the such while we’re here – but posting will probably be light due to the fact that my grandparents don’t have “the internets”.
Oh stop it, ok ok – they have dial up – DIAL UP! So pretty much they don’t have the internet. But they do have DishNetwork TV – and this I just cannot explain.
Today we spent the day with my Aunt Ranae and if there were anyone I would compare to the Celestial Figure in my life, it would be her. She is on a pedestal so high that falling off of it would place her at the right hand of God.
I kid you not, we spent the entire day eating food, making food, talking about food, cleaning up food and discussing where to buy food for the best price. Oh – and then we ate some food. Ridiculous. And absolutely wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I’ve successfully used my cellphone as a tethered modem with my laptop. While at Cape Cod last summer, I was regularly getting better than 1Mbit/sec. I don’t think the iPhone will let you do that, though…too bad.
    Have fun – vacations are good:-)

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