Stopping world hunger, err, Do we have any more jam?

While we were in Washington I was reminded at how alike the community I live in is to the community in which we were staying; save for the fact that it seems little ol’ Holland, Mi has somehow kept up with the worldly times at a much faster rate. Or we’ve gone to hell and completely commercialized ourselves. Either way – it’s a time warp over there. One I am so fond of I could kiss it. Most of the time.
My grandparents raised 6 children while working a dairy farm – they know how to work and they’ve worked hard. We watched their surprise “Happy Retirement” party on video cassette all together and laughed wildly at the hairstyles of the eighties and my striking resemblance to my daughter. I was about 5 or 6 in the video and while this is an entirely other story – it seems I cannot blame all of Jessica’s energy and bounciness on her father. My apologies. Either way – it was great fun to hear the history of my grandparents lives together and the work they did raising a family on a farm from the perspective of their kids, my aunts and uncles.
One thing they didn’t touch on, though, was my grandma’s ability to stock a pantry. Of course while raising such a large family that would be necessary but 30 years later some habits are hard to break.

This drawer is dedicated to jell-o and chocolate chips. Oh – and the occasional bag of brown sugar or powdered sugar.
I love my Grandma. A lot, actually. She’s always been one of my favorites and who cares who knows it. I have very special memories of her as I was growing up – but this just baffles me. When on earth is she ever going to need this much jell-o at any one given time?

This is my Aunt Ranae’s freezer. Well, it’s one of them. She has 3. And an extra fridge. And, well – an entire grocery store of surpluss goods. I’ll get to this, don’t you worry.
This freezer, I’m told, is solely for fruits and jams.

The other’s are for meat and casseroles or surplus baked goods. Then there’s the vegetables – the crates (you heard me) of cake mixes and economy sized mayonnaise. And the 50-some quarts of canned beans, among other things. My aunt is raising 3 boys ranging in the ages of 12 and 5, plus my Uncle. She has reason for this madness, though not quite this mad, but hey. It’s their time warp. And I love them for it.
Welcome to my family. We’re totally awesome.

2 thoughts on “Stopping world hunger, err, Do we have any more jam?

  1. Oh how that looks like my mom’s freezer. I asked to put an extra turkey in hers and she said there isn’t any room ????? You have 2 large chest freezers and it is just you and dad? My grandma had a jello collection like that too. And some how water got in it and all the jello boxes came out as one. Hahahahaha! But I can understand the cake mix collection. It must be a dutch thing!

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