Etsy giveaway! By Her Hands Earrings

Just in time for Christmas! Lindsey from By Her Hands Etsy shop is sponsoring this giveaway.
A little bit about the designer:
“My name is Lindsey. I have the privilege of working everyday at a high school on the west side of Chicago. This school is nothing like any school I have ever been in. Mostly I go around to grade schools all over Chicago in order to recruit students for our school. Following that, (my favorite part) I build relationships with families as I walk them through the process of admission.
I love all sorts of creative expression -singing, playing piano, guitar, writing, and creating beautiful things like jewelry, stationary, cards. Three years ago a couple roommates and I were participating in Dance Marathon at Hope College and we needed a way to raise money for the Devos Children’s Hospital. We spent the following couple weeks creating hand-made greeting cards and jewelry. Our living room turned into a gallery of beautiful, hand-made creations, friends and family came out, and we raised hundreds of dollars.
I have continued to create these things and love to experiment with new mediums and designs. I discovered Etsy not too long ago and decided this would be a great way to again have an outlet for my designs. You will currently find in my store hand-made cards and jewelry, but I plan to expand my offerings in the near future.
two random facts about me:
The Stress Reliever at Lemonjello’s is my favorite specialty drink y espanol es la lengua de mi alma.”
This giveaway is for the Cobalt and Coffee earrings pictured above (are we drooling yet) and you may enter up to 3 times, heres how:
You can simply just browse her shop and let me know your favorite product, she’s selling things like hot cakes I hear so it varies what’s available from day to day (because she’s awesome).
You can blog about this giveaway and then tell me about it, with a link to your entry for another entry to this giveaway.
Or you can buy something from her store or any other fabulous store on etsy and let me know you did so … lets support each other through this season!
Giveaway ends on Friday night at 11pm EST – winner will be announced Saturday morning.

11 thoughts on “Etsy giveaway! By Her Hands Earrings

  1. oh you are the best jodi. supporting my lil sis. and even if i wasn’t her sister i would still love her shop. i love how the jewelry is unique and affordable. I will also mention this on my blog plus i am trying to decide what earrings i shall purchase for myself. thanks! cute shop lou.

  2. Hi Jodi….
    I’ve commented maybe once or twice before but I mainly lurk your blog and flickr account!!! I have to say though, those are beautiful earrings….I love how they are so unique!! I also like the “Golden Moon” drop-pearl earrings that are in Lindsey’s store. I’m a sucker for earrings though….and bracelets……and shoes….and purses…..ha ha!!!

  3. I love the ones up for the giveaway… I just bought 2 new pairs of earrings last week from different Etsy sellers. Too bad I didn’t see this “shop” then.

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