Happy Birthday a few hours early

Tomorrow is Aaron’s birthday. I usually post a nice and mushy sentiment on his birthday, our anniversary or my birthday. Something completely romantic and gag worthy – all things worth hating me for because I love him that much.
This year? This year is going to be different. All those things are still true, more now that ever if you wanted ammunition to puke I will gladly give it to you but this year … I’d like to try something else.
Here’s a few of my favorite memories with Aaron in the last 8 years. He’s 28 tomorrow, which is just a shadow away from 30 and I can’t wait to say I’m sweating to the oldies. Mom, clothes your eyes. You too, Jill.
– Our awful first kiss. And his reason afterward why it was so awful.
– the number 30
– The many many trips to Chicago while dating
– Sneaking into hotels to swim in their pools and then leave
– Knowing I was being checked out on our first date and being so nervous I couldn’t eat, but also returning the favor.
– Having photos from our second date together – a photographic journey through downtown and well, our backsides. There we go – checking each other out again, in print.
– Meeting his friends for the first time and being scared shitless of them liking me.
– Staying up til 2:30 laughing with him and at then end of the night we’re laughing because we’re laughing. Does that make sense? Although it generally starts with someone farting.
– Going through a devastating loss, a number of them actually, and having him crawl in the shower after me while I crumbled into myself and just wanted it to all go away, he came after me every single time.
– Watching him take his first drink of alcohol.
– My first text from him. I was in Florida with some girlfriends for a week. Lets just say texting was convenient.
– Doing Karaoke in front of him and realizing that I wasn’t nervous of being off key and embarrassed in front of him but I felt safe and empowered to do such a thing BECAUSE he was there.
– Our first dance as a married couple.
– What he whispered to me after smashing cake in my face at our wedding.
– That damn getaway car – stupid minivan. Stupid, stupid $500 minivan.
– Having his children.
– Road trips.
– His facial hair post Wilderness.
Happy Birthday, babe. Who cares who knows it, reads it, or sees it – I am so in love with you.

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