A birthday party for Jesus

I was the helper in Jessica’s preschool class again this week and I was lucky enough to be scheduled on the day they were having a birthday party for Jesus.
The teacher had mentioned maybe bringing a cake or cupcakes, something to do with birthdays, for the snack – and, well, I don’t think she had any idea that cakes? are my thing.
I went with this one for Jesus’ birthday party. A present, a Christmas present. You get the idea.
Jessica’s classmates were very interested in it as well.
But we had other things to do before devouring the cake at snack time. There was the playing, the water color painting, the marble-roll painting, bathroom breaks, more playing, carpet time, counting time, and such … AND then library time. We had a busy birthday party.
I stayed back in the classroom to clean up the messes we had made and get snack ready to go while everyone ventured into the orbit that is a school library. But I caught up with them just as they were heading back.
They must know that snack time is coming because all their little bodies start to hyperventilate for the sugar that is to behold them shortly. It’s quite the sight.
The cake was a hit. The candy on the cake? Most kids didn’t care for it, which was surprising, but some of it was minty and some was hard candy so I think I just threw them for a decorating loop. They wanted to soft, chewy, strawberry stuff.
Jessica rarely looked up from her plate. CAKE! I’m letting her eat CAKE!
Happy Birthday, Jesus.

3 thoughts on “A birthday party for Jesus

  1. Yea – the bow is a fruit by the foot. Now the search begins for Jessica’s “Princess” cake. Gag me now, but hey – she’s only 4 once, right?

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