All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth

I’ve been blessed with children who don’t mind the whole teething business too much and with Oliver, he’s even happy about it. Don’t ask me why, I just thank Jesus every day for such a contented child.
We’re not immune to the runny nose that seems to plague teething though, and the green diapers – yea, those happen too.
Isn’t he delicious? I will always agree with you when you tell me how cute my kids are. I’m not humble about it, it’s a problem, I know – I’ll try to work harder, but really – I’m just a doting and proud, albeit lactating, mama. We’ve all been there, right? No? I know. Moving on.
Oliver just cut his two front teeth with the ones on either side of them are on their way next. They’re coming fast and furious thus far which I don’t mind at all. Wait, scratch that, I do mind. The biting has started and it hurts. A lot. There’s all kinds of advice on how to keep your infant from biting you but none of that runs through my mind when my child is chomping down on the senstive skin that is a mothers breast. I scream. Loudly. Scares him, and then he goes back for more – biting. It’s a cycle, we’re trying to break it.
He’s a stinker like that.

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