The twelve? days of Christmas

This giveaway is now closed, there are 21 entries and the winner will be announced in the morning!
How about the 6 days of Christmas instead. I’m a little late on the draw here, oops.
Every day until Christmas we’re going to be having a root-roaring time over here, giving stuff away. Good Stuff.
To start it out today I’m giving away one (1) $25.00 gift card to Old Navy. Because I like you.
To enter – answer me this: Do you get stockings? If you do, what sorts of things are in them?
Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas. My mom made all of our stockings and they were always stuffed with the best little things, oftentimes gift cards – but then little personal things like a new tea to try or a book, CD, or mittens. Something about the little things that I just love.
I also love these:
Ribbon tank dress
Patent Ribbon shoes
Hooded Henley
Pique Wool coat
Cable Knit hoodie
I would love to dress Aaron in these:
Linen shirt
Poplin shirt
I love my man in stripes
Argyle graphic tee
Loose fit jeans yes please.
And my kids – in these:
ALL OF THIS Charley Harper items, such as puzzles and books? Yea, I would hang those on the wall and THEN let them drool all over it.
Hooded sweater
What can I say, I love my little man in stripes, too
Suspenders for the boy
Wrap dress
Pintucked top
Giveaway is open to anyone with a mailing address. Ends tonight at midnight. Go tell it on a mountain!! Winner to be announced tomorrow morning along with another great giveaway.
**Old Navy and it’s affiliates do not know who I am, or care. I am sponsoring this giveaway all by my lonesome.

21 thoughts on “The twelve? days of Christmas

  1. I love stockings! When i was growing up my sister and I would wait till the parents were sleeping and go out and grab our stockings. My mom was the best they were so full she couldn’t hang them so she laid them on the couch. They were full of lip smackers, bubble bath, lifesaver books (always) costume jewelry, make-up, cassette tapes (before cds) anything David Cassidy, She always made them our favorite gift. I miss my stocking!!

  2. yes! actually, we just received beautiful knitted ones for the boys from my cousin! and i’m going to fill them with mints, candies, workbook/artsy things and wooden play food.

  3. I always thought stockings were the best part of Christmas presents. Our, growing up, always had candy and an orange. Why an orange? I’m not sure but it did. Oh, and one of those big candy cane sticks that could last you until next Christmas. I think I would have rather had the gift cards and cds.

  4. We definitely do stockings. I just got a new sewing machine (early Christmas present) and I’m hoping to make some nice ones for the whole family, but that will have to be a project for the coming year.
    The possibilities for stocking stuffers are endless. A few pieces of candy, lip balms, matchbox cars, card games, hair accessories…I could go on all day.

  5. I do get stockings. From my parents growing up I ALWAYS got: chapstick, lotion, candy, an orange, socks, and other odds and ends. From Steve’s parents we ALWAYS get toothbrushes, chapstick, candy, and the guys get a quality gas card and the girls get a family fare card, and other odds and ends. We do stockings here at home, too … Steve’s getting (shh!!) a Bible highlighter that won’t bleed through the pages, an itunes gift card, and gloves … Levi and Ezra are each getting a fabric soft book, a small toy, and a Camelbak waterbottle. And as for me, I do have to admit that there might be a couple of things coming to me that I know about (I’ll put on a good surprised face and act like I don’t know where the boys got them!!). Hehe — Victoria’s Secret body spray & a Bible Highlighter. Those sneaky, thoughtful sons of mine … how did they know ;-)?

  6. Stockings are a big deal in our family. My husbands grandmother has knit stockings for every member of her family for years and now has made over a hundred in her 93 years of life. They are bright red with Santa faces and a bushy white beard. She also knits the names in them. Needless to say this will be the first year that she will not be knitting them because her vision is decreasing. So, what do we put in them? Well any little trinket that the kids have asked for in the check out line that I always say no to. Like Yo-yo balls, bubble tape, mini bath supplies. We also always put their favorite candies and some practical things too like sippy cups or underwear.

  7. Growing up my stocking was bigger than me and crocheted by my aunt. We would open our stockings after our big presents and “almost” forget that there were more presents to open. They had the more practical gifts like socks and underwear, toothbrush, candy and chapstick in it.
    Right now our family stockings are packed away in the declutter the house so we can put it up for sale venture, so no stockings at our house this year… sad!!! I usually hang those stockings with a little name definition scroll next to them to remind us of the Biblical meaning of our names.
    We still get stockings from my husband’s mom and dad. Those ALWAYS have candy, chapstick, toothbrushes and usually a gas card! Hurray for Christmas traditions!

  8. When Ryan and I got married, it was hard for him to comprehend the bulging felt stockings laying on the fireplace because they were too heavy to hang up. As we got older, they seemed to get more complex and I kind of miss the simple days. Suave shampoo (usually green apple for me), nail files, $5 gift cards, HUGE apples and oranges, facewash, chapstick, hair bands, craft markers…anything is possible. My grandma sewed them out of felt and every year my heart swells at seeing REBEKAH in her thick cursive stitches. pure joy!

  9. Love stockings! We usually get giftcards, and pj’s for my girls, I usually get them candy, tooth brush, little toys, and socks. šŸ™‚

  10. My Mom still makes stockings for my sister and I. They are always full of fun trinkets, like socks/underwear/tschotkis, ipod accessories, magnets, etc. Some of the cutest little things are in there! She also gives treats for our dogs in there, too! My mom is a creative and crafty individual! Love her!!!! Merry Christmas!

  11. Our stockings were hung by these little metal letters that spelled NOEL. I just loved putting them out on the mantel each year. Christmas morning the stockings were scattered around the room in our places filled with chocolates, an orange, gum, gift cards, etc. That was always my favorite part because I like little mini things. Mom always did a good job with the stockings šŸ™‚

  12. In my stocking my husband (santa) puts bath and body works lotion, bubble bath, ect. and a couple pieces of candy…

  13. stockings…this is my favorite thing to shop for. My family was always big into stockings and i will bring my family up doing the same. It is one gift i buy for everyone so i do things that are personal and remind me of them…random findings through out the year i will put away for christmas. From baseball cards to stamps and underwear.
    i love this jodi….so fun!

  14. I still give my kids (33 and 38) stockings. They get gloves, candy, and an ornament that I made. I also give my grandkids stockings with the same thing.

  15. My sister already posted what we got when we were growing up. But, I’ll say it again: we get things like chapstick, lotion, socks, and other small things. Sometimes and orange and candy. Lately, we’ve been getting giftcards to gas stations or carwash places. We exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, but stockings are saved until first thing on Christmas morning, while we’re still in our jammies.

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