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Scroll on down if you all you came here for is the giveaway, it’s ok. However, this morning I sat myself down and did my first video cast and then ran into quite the problem figuring out how to put it here – problem solved so here it is.
You’ll have to excuse the numerous stutters such as Um, Like and You know. I’m new at this and well, I’m new at this.
I mention being overly obsessed with Momversations and the wonderful outlet it gives me – thanks guys! (They don’t know me. Yet.)

jodimichelle.com videocast from Jodi Schaap on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “We interrupt normal programing

  1. Hi Jodi,
    You did a great job, here is a bit about my family… I am a mother of 3 boys, had my first son at 17, second at 20, and the last boy at 32!
    So I was so there with not having friends with kids. Then when my older boys got older, our friends started having kids, then oh no… we could finally go out, then they could not… total craziness… now we are the ones with a 2 yo and they have school age kids. It is quite a cycle, but would not change it for the world, I love my 2 yo, and my teens as well, they are alot alike in many ways! LOL…
    Oh, listening to your mom talk, reminds me I have to go throw some laundry in as well.

  2. Shannon – so nice to learn a bit more about you! I did swimming lessons with our first when she was about 18 months or so and there was a mom in there that had had a son after quite a while and already raising 4 other children – it was so fun to watch her – she just LOVED that baby. Must be something about the tail end ones šŸ™‚
    I agree on the cyclical nature of the friends with kids. It’s starting to happen slowly in our realm of friends but then – we’re like – when EVERYONE is having kids are we going to want more? We did this early on purpose. haha. who knows!!

  3. Very cute Jodi! Yes, I’m a big Momversation follower as well. Love them. And I actually thought about doing this a few months back as well and then just got overwhelmed by other stuff. Oh, and I’m a bit self-conscious about putting myself out there. Maybe after the holidays.
    But to your question about the holidays….I have mixed feelings about the holidays. Had some good memories from when I was really young and then some not so good memories when I was in late elementary/middle school. Last year I forced myself to love all the hooplah and traditions of Christmas and am trying to keep doing them. But I often question myself if the mess in the kitchen is worth it too.

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