It’s all about the children

I have to start by saying that God is amazing. We sold my car last night for asking price. The Hospital Bill might just be paid off before we know how to say Thank You. And if I were to sit here and not acknowledge that glory be to God, I’d be doing myself a severe disservice.
Now – the winner of yesterday’s giveaway for the $30 Target gift cars IS … #9 – Congratulations Sarah!! Email me at jodi at jodimichelle dot com to claim your prize.
The winners of the photo-shoot giveaways are: #15! Cara, you’re lucky number one! AND #5! Candace, you’re lucky number 2! Email me at jodi at jodimichelle dot com to claim your prize and schedule your photo-shoots.
(I used and counted Kris’ comments as one, instead of two place holders. FYI.)
Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to OOMPA we go!
Today’s giveaway is for a $35 gift certificate to Oompa.
Oompa. Oompa Oompa Oompa, say it ten times fast. I just love saying it. Oompa. OOMPA! Ok, I’m done. Oompa. Really, I’m sorry, oompa. Now I’m done.
Want to win? Just tell me this: For every year from ages 7 to 11 give me one memory. I know I’m making you work for this, but it’s so much fun to read your responses. This would be me professing my love to you. Profess and then Love.
Here’s mine:
Age 7: My birthday lasted a whole week but I had no idea that was because people were late at getting me a gift or card, I thought it was because I was SEVEN. Which obviously meant awesome.
Age 8: Got my own bedroom for the very first time in my short life but missed my sister so much that we often slept in a twin bed just to be together, or in our sleeping bags in the hallway.
Age 9: Divorce and then Wayne.
Age 10: Had my first ‘real’ birthday party and was utterly embarrassed when my dad surprised me with a Chuck E Cheese party, I mean, DUH! I’m TEN now, not 8. Chuck E Cheeses was obviously for eight year olds. I got over it and had a blast.
Age 11: Well folks, I am going to put this on the internet, so brace yourself. I became a “woman” at age 11. On a family vacation. In the mountains. My grandpa congratulated me after I found out, I was mortified.
This contest ends tonight at midnight. One entry per IP address. Open to all.
**Oompa has no idea I exist, but I’m well aware of them. This giveaway is from me, myself and I.

12 thoughts on “It’s all about the children

  1. not only did seeing your face on and here make my morning but reading that i won i photoshoot made me scream and i just got out of bed:)
    Jodi you are an amazing talented lady.thanks for sharing with us!

  2. i might not have kids, but i sure know a lot of them that would like some stuff from oompa. so here we go..
    seven: miss walcott was my first grade teacher. one day when we were singing around the piano in class (gosh elementary school is awesome) she turned around and told me i had a beautiful voice. she then became my favorite teacher.
    eight: american girls. i got kirsten, but that was a tough decision because addy was really my favorite.
    nine: road trip with the family. i think we listened to the camp geneva tape over a hundred times. i will always associate that with montana and every western US state.
    ten: I was named “double digit midget” by uncle Pat. Of course this birthday was spent in Florida. I believe this was the year that I was also obsessed with Shaq and got his jersey for my birthday. Go Orlando Magic!
    eleven: I became an independent woman this year. Miss Van Emst, my single, feisty, red-headed, fifth grade teacher was my hero and I wanted to be just like her. i remember a boy asking me to “go out with him” and i told him no and i was appalled that he would ever even think of asking me such a thing.

  3. *jodi this is the same ip address as my sister because i am snowed in at mom and dads*
    This is a thinker because i can not remember being 18 so here we go…
    7: I moved in to the “new” house. which meant that i no longer lived a block away from my best friend deanna and we thought we would never see eachother again. now at 25 we are still friends.
    8: I fell in love with my teacher Mrs. Driy and got to have her the next 3 years.(don’t worry i passed she just kept moving up with me:)
    9 I got a bunny. Patches. We walked them on leashes through the neighborhood as if they were dogs.
    10:4th grade Mr. Buteyn class henry betten comes walking in late and sets a ballerina bracelet down on my embarrassment!
    11: Girlfriend drama started between me and two friends who coudn’t figure out how to all be friends. stupid girl drama.

  4. Age 7 Humm, back in second grade I remember my baby sister was born.
    Age 8 I had the very best Teacher ever, Ms. Brinkley, she had the most beautiful handwriting and I learned cursive.
    Age 9 This is really making me think! I got a trampoline for Christmas.
    Age 10 We got the original ninetindo for Christmas!
    That was way fun.
    Age 11 We moved to a new house, same city though.

  5. seven: My first experince racing at our school skating party. I wanted so badly to win a frozen coke.
    eight: Trip of a lifetime…Disney World! We attended Mickey’s birthday party and even saw Swiss Family Robinson.
    nine: I had to do a stupid project on penguins.
    eleven: Moving into our newly built house….I still remember taking a shower in our new “big bathroom”….at least it was bigger than our old house.

  6. you are making us work for this one 😉 but oompa is very worth it!!
    just gonna write the first thought i have–
    7: my dad pierced my ears and i got pretty little rose quartz earrings. i wanted it so bad and felt like a grown up once they were pierced.
    8: moved from indiana to michigan and hated it.
    9: had mrs klaver–made us all love to read…wonderful.
    10: broke my wrist rollerskating backwards on my driveway–was so embarrassed i tried to hide it from everyone at school.
    11: liked a boy so much. his name was scott.

  7. oops….my memory is so bad that I forgot an age. Actually my age 11 memory was for age 10. So here’s my age eleven memory:
    My exploration class went bird watching…an event I haven’t done since. It was extremely cold and I remember having hot chocolate from a thermos while out in the cold trying to spot birds.

  8. Good thing we’re snowed in today and I have a few moments to think. 🙂
    7: Moved from the city out the middle of nowhere!
    8: Made a new best friend and had the most awesome teacher ever! (her name was Mrs. Mays and I told everyone at the end of the year she was retarded. Um… I meant retired!)
    9: Came home from 3rd grade and told my mom my best friend had marijuana that night. Yea, I wasn’t so good at words. I meant Awana.
    10: Had my first crush ever call the house and was mortified by my parents teasing
    11: Was mortified again to realize I was the last girl in my class to start shaving my legs. Thanks a lot mom!
    Awesome giveaway!

  9. Wow, I actually had to think about this one. I don’t remember what I did yesterday so this took a bit more brainpower!
    7: Was crushed when my first grade teacher put the pot holders that I made for her for Christmas into the end-of-the-year school “grab bag” for students to take.
    8: My great aunt made me a card for my birthday and on the front was a big number 8 made out of quarters that equaled $8.
    9: Realized what an alcoholic was and that my father was one.
    10: Went to camp with my class and fell in love with nature. I think it was then that I became a total science geek
    11: First “real” boyfriend – Jim
    Phew! That was tough!

  10. Jodi, I couldn’t resist posting some of my own memories to go along with my girls. And perhaps being older made coming up with the memories easier for me:
    Age 7 The last year I lived ‘on the farm’. We (me and three of my older brothers ) built forts everywhere! In the woods, in the barn, in the basement. The best one was in the barn where it was ‘invisible’ – thanks to the engineering of brother Russ.
    Age 8 The first year in town (big city of Zeeland). Walking to school and seeing Mrs. Sealy, the sweetest teacher ever. Riding my bike on paved roads was wonderful, no more gravel roads!
    Age 9: Mrs. Rosine was nearly as sweet as Mrs. Sealy but her patience was frequently tested by classmates, especially by Mike Keller and and Richard Helfrich. In particular the day Mike brought cigars to school and several OTHER guys smoked them at recess. I think Mrs. R got in trouble for making them walk home.
    Age 10: My brother Russ goes to the Navy right after High School graduation. I didn’t understand why he enlisted during the Vietnam War but then again there were a lot of things one doesn’t fully understand at age 10.
    Age 11: Middle school, Mr. Kortering’s class and math with Mr. Brummel’s 8th grade class (I was good at math then). Success at sports was making me popular, I don’t think I handled it too well at the time.
    Thanks for helping us reflect on the ‘good ole days’!

  11. Okay wow, I don’t know if I can remember every year, so hear goes:
    7: I became a tattle tail when I told the teacher that my best friend was cheating on a spelling test. I didn’t know that wasn’t cool to rat on a friend, not good with tact.
    8: I got my ears pierced because my new best friends did!
    9: I realized I didn’t like my teacher because she wanted to change my personality and not just my bad behavior. I still twist my hair when I am bored – take that Mrs. Whitmer!!!
    10: I loved my teacher Ms. Taylor: she was single, independent, strong, and she broke her right arm and taught for like 6 months writing lefty! She did great. We made a full size TP and got to read inside it, and I got glasses… big pink, confetti glasses.
    11: I became a tomboy and actually loved collecting basketball cards and playing football on the play ground. The boys were scared of me because I could tackle any of them. I also stapled my fingers together in class.
    That was fun, once you start thinking it just keeps rollin’. Thanks again Jodi, this is so worth the effort.

  12. Age 7: 2nd grade…. did everything in my power to dress like my second grade teacher. Yes I had a skirt that she had. I loved her!!!!
    Age 8: I got my first pony… Baby. She was the most obstitnate thing. She refused to do anything I asked.
    Age 9: Fourth grade. A friend and I would play house in between the hay bales in the hay field. The big ginormous rolls. We would steal flour and sugar from our moms and still it in with dirt and make real mud pies.
    Age 10:Fifth grade. Was teased unmerciously because I had pants on that had elastic around the waist. Yep I was chubby then too.
    Age 11: 6th grade: I had laser surgery on my face at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago on Michigan Ave… and then afterwards some how my Dad got us in the hood trying to get on Lakeshore Dr. I so understand now that I have lived there the area we were in…. I understand my mother’s fear.

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