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Winner from yesterday’s giveaway is Hugh! Congratulations Hugh, email me at jodi at jodimichelle dot come to claim your prize. (Looks like you’re going to have 3 jealous daughters!) I loved this question and reading everyone’s memories. I was surprised (??!!?) at how many of them were focused around elementary school. Funny how certain things make a lasting impression on us. I’ll be doing a little something with all of this after Christmas – secrets, secrets. I think you’ll like it.
Today, oh today. Monday. Allow me to cheer you up a little bit because today we’re giving away one (1) $25 gift card to TJMaxx. Welcome to my happy place. Target is fun, I love you Target, but TJMaxx is delicious. Deals, rows and rows of purses that don’t all look the same and frames. Lots of frames. My favorite aisle in TJMaxx is the aisle with all the food. And, ok – the paper aisle. I collect paper for some reason although much less now than I did when I was younger, I just love paper. (Family who reads this website, that does not give you permission to buy me paper, do not buy me paper. Kisses!)
Twitter this or facebook status update this giveaway link and you get another entry. Who said the magic words? I DID!!
How to win? Answer this: Where is your dream vacation destination?
One entry per IP address. Contest ends tonight at midnight. Open to all.
My dream destination is Greece – and I’d want to stay in one of those houses in Santorini, take a boat ride and sit on the streets taking pictures, sketching and writing. This is my dream destination with Aaron. If I ever get around to it, I’d love to go to Spain alone some day – I have this fantasy about visiting an open street market and I’m wearing a sundress, fun “Spain” strapy shoes, a sun hat and I have this huge woven bag/basket that I’m using to collect all my fresh fruit and finds are the market. I will do this before I die. It’s on my list.
**TJMaxx doesn’t know me. Hi TJMaxx! I love your purses! I’m sponsoring this giveaway because I like to, it makes me happy and it’s fun. Oh, and you’re all worth it. This giftcard will take a little while to get to you though, it’s in the mail to me from MyPoints and allow me to just introduce you all to MyPoints. I get emails from them and all I have to do is click through to their site, and if I shop online I get points too … but I get almost all my giftcards through this – the points accumulate (and it’s free by the way) and then I get to “cash them in” for gift cards. I’ve been doing this for 5 1/2 years now. MyPoints also doesn’t care who I am, they’re not paying me to brag about their awesomeness.

16 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. Dream vacation destination… wow what a great time to talk about that right???.. when we are snowed in, when you cant see out your window because the snow is sticking to the glass. Dont get me wrong I do actually like the snow.. I just do not like the blowing and white out conditions we have had lately!!
    To answer your question.. i have to give two anwers.. one vacation for my husbad and I and one for my little familly.
    The first dream vacation that I would love to take with my husband, would be to go back to mauii and revisit the places we went to along the way. We honeymooned there, and it was the most breath taking vacation ever!! This time however I would try and stay at a condo. We stayed at a resort. It was not an all inclusive, so that also might be something to try. It was such wonderful expierence. We got to swim in the ocean for the first time, and we didnt have to worry or be self consious about being in a swimming suit. You tan really fast! You dont even have to be in the sun for long. I came back and looked like a chocolate brownie and jason looked like bob the tomato on veggie tales!! hehe The food was amazing and flowers were beautiful. The wheather was awesome. I seriously couldnt find a thing to complain about! If you go in the fall like nov. you can see whales! The people were all so poilte! It was something we long to be able to do again in our life time. To be there with the one you love and not have a care in the world! It was one of the best things in my life. We stayed for 10 days but next I hope to stay longer!
    The other dream vacation I would love to go on with Jason and Lilly would be disney. Now I know this probably seems so typical, but I never got to expierence this. I would love to stay right on the resort and stay for like 2 weeks. So we have enough time to see everything. Although I wouldnt want to go until Lilly is old enough to remember! It just seems like such a magical place and I dont think there is a child who hated going there.. I also wouldnt want money to be an issue. Thats what makes vacations hard I guess. The cost of fuel and lodging, sometimes takes up all the budget you have set aside. I would want to go the the water parks and all the other parks and shows they offer! I really think Lilly would enjpy this expierence. If you go at the right age she will have the memory for ever!!
    What a thought.. makes me wanna start planning right now…
    okay okay back to reality, I need to go change the stinky diaper I smell crawling at me!
    Merry christmas Jodi~

  2. Oh my word, I have so many “dream vacation” destinations, but I will give you one. My husband went to Austria on a business trip a while back and brought back pictures from there. IT looked so beautiful with the brick streets and old country feel. While there (someday) why not go to the famous fields from “the sound of music.”
    Oh someday….

  3. My dream vacation destination is Sundance Resort in Utah. It’s where I got both engaged and married, and I’ve been wanting to go back there for years!
    I love TJ Maxx for its deliciousness as well. I usually find the greatest toys there, and my best find was some Vera Wang stationery…deluxe!!

  4. Dream Vacation. Central America. Starting in Central Pacific Coast of Mexico and going through the center visiting small town on the way. Going to the Yucatan and then down through Chiapas. Entering into Guatemala and stopping in Tikal and down south through the mountains, stopping to visit the little towns filled with Mayans and their handicrafts.Then going down through Honduras visiting friends from Pinares as well as a quick week respite in Roatan and then through Nicaragua hanging to the pacific side. They have gorgeous little towns there that have the feeling of old Spain… then to costa Rica where I would end with a week in a cabana over looking the jungle.

  5. My dream vacation would be to go to Italy. I would love to see the Vatican, the chapels, and my cousin who lives there! Hopefully someday, if time and finances allow it, I will get to go someday soon, I would also like to take my boys with me as well.
    As for TJ Maxx, Jessica you are so right about their toys, they have some really nice ones!

  6. My dream vacation would be to somehow be in Nashville, Houston, and Miami at the same time, visiting my friends from college who have moved away. Or, maybe a vacation where I could scoop up all of those friends and head off to a cruise or all-inclusive resort somewhere tropical, and relive those college days….

  7. My dream vacation would be Paris. I would love to do this with just my hubby, and I know that he would proudly escort me to all the sights and let me go on and on about the amazing fashion and art that we were seeing!

  8. right now after the monday i have had i would have to say my dream vacation would be to a “spa resort” i picture waterfalls, soothing music, candles and lots of pampering….ahhh amazing!

  9. My dream vacation destination would be Europe, I’d love to take a couple of weeks and visit several different countries. Must see destinations would be France, Italy, Germany and Austria. I love old architecture and there just isn’t much to be found here in the states.

  10. Before I forget – my apologies to all for posting 3 times yesterday! Oops!
    My dream vacation would be to London, England. I know it’s not usually warm, and it’s often rainy, but I love the coziness of the small neighboring towns and the rich culture. My husband has been there and wants to take me back some day. I would love to spend a month there!

  11. Man!!! I did it again… sorry. It’s because I am using my phone… sorry… but I did facebook this link.

  12. I’d go back to Europe in a heartbeat. I haven’t been to Italy or Spain and would love to visit those places. Hawaii would be nice too. Actually anywhere to get away from all the snow we have would be great!

  13. A spa in Rockwall, Texas! Someplace warm (er) and with no snow! The deck currently has 25 inches on it. And besides, everything’s better in Texas.

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