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Today would have to be one of those days I just do not have it together. My brain is on a constant gas bubble of “Was I supposed to be doing something right now?” Hmmm.
Here are the giveaways for today (that’s right, it’s plural)
Package #1 is all about Babies. Blanket, 2 baby aprons (boy and girl), 2 cloth cubes made by yours truly and a whole slew of coupons for baby-related items totaling over $30 in savings.
Package #2 is all about Art. I love antiques and in a former life would frequent antique shops scouring for old photographs and pages out of vintage children’s books. Today I’m giving those away – the pages from the books and a few other prints I picked up along the way as well as one of my own photo prints. Make me proud, dress your walls!
To win answer me this: What’s your Christmas or holiday tradition and would you/do you continue it with your own family? Do you have new ones?
One entry per IP address. Giveaway ends at 8 am TOMORROW (Christmas Eve) morning, because I’m late on the draw over here. And please let me know which package you’d like to be entered to win, can’t win em both (sorry!). Open to all 50 states and my friendly-friendly’s in Canada – hi guys!
Decorating Christmas cookies is one from my childhood that we still do, although we didn’t this year – but I keep that one up with my kids. Aaron’s side of the family has a Christmas morning breakfast/brunch tradition but since having our own kids we do Christmas morning at our house with just us – and our tradition is this (it’s new) when the kids wake up we do stockings, in bed if they want – then we all make breakfast together, eat and then finish opening the rest of the presents all the while in our jammies. I love this. I’m trying to get my dad to start a new tradition where he buys all the grandkids Christmas pj’s and we have Christmas Eve dinner in our pj’s with him. We’ll see šŸ™‚
Also? A new video cast … I just love the snapshots they use to show the video – looks like I’m about to impersonate a cow giving birth, no? videocast2 from Jodi Schaap on Vimeo.

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  1. Well…I grew up in the Bahamas, and we never believed in Santa (because there were no chimneys, so I knew he couldn’t get into our house anyway!) But my favourite family tradition (which we STILL continue even though both my sister and I are married) is to hunt for our stockings. Like my husband says, “Is it Christmas or Easter?” Well, a fun mix of both. It’s a challenge every year for my dad to find a new hiding spot that hasn’t been used in the last 20 or 30 years! It’s always a very much anticipated part of our day…and I will certainly do the same for our little boy!
    (package #1 would be my choice!)

  2. Growing up we used to open gifts from grandparents on Christmas Eve, then open our stockings on Christmas morning before breakfast. Then of course we had to go out to the barn and feed the horses and cats their Christmas treats while my mom made a big breakfast. FINALLY after breakfast we got to open the rest of our stuff!
    Now that our little guy is getting old enough to know what presents are…..we open up stockings and gifts before I make a nice big breakfast. This way he can play whilst I get everything on the table. (this year I’m attempting sausage!) Later on we visit either my family or Todd’s. (we do every other year w/ both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) We’ve decided that it’s best for us to stay home at least all morning in order to have a nice lazy Christmas with just our little family. šŸ™‚ It took becoming parents to be able to finally say no to our OWN parents!!
    *and totally package #1.

  3. So I totally watched your video after I posted my comment. (what can I say – giveaways ALWAYS come first!) and sorry to mess with your numbers but…..
    Girl I feel you!! Except it started with my first pregnancy! Todd thought I was losing it from about 6 months (not good since I’m almost 6 months along now!) until I stopped breastfeeding! I put the milk in the cupboard, started the car when I was going to leave and then forgot to leave (whoops the car ran for about 45 minutes!!) I forgot appointments, or forgot what week they were on and showed up the wrong week. I also carpooled while pregnant and thank God I did, because I would turn my turn signal on even when I knew I was going straight through the intersection. Don’t know how it happened, I just randomly turned them on.
    But in all seriousness – they (whoever that is) did some research on it and found that moms actually do have something going on related to their hormones. They call it mom-nesia. So now we have an excuse.

  4. Well my little family is still in the process of creating traditions, and one that is starting to form is making a big breakfast on Christmas Day and opening our presents in our jammies after we eat. Then we take a lazy family nap or read and go to the Thompson grandparents for stockings!
    One tradition that I and now my family are used to is at the Hemmes grandparent’s on Christmas Eve. My siblings and their familes gather at mom & dad’s for PRIME RIB and all the fixings, then we go around from oldest to youngest and say what’s been the most special thing to us this year. After each person says what they’ve been thankful for then it’s their turn to open their gifts. My mom makes hit chocolate from scratch and we eat her homemade goodies all night long!
    I would love package #1, and I would like to say hello to Joy!! Did you see my status and check it out?

  5. I love that you make us work for these giveaways!
    Christmas Traditions….hmmm. We really didn’t have much in the way of traditions growing up. We’ve pretty much always gotten together with my extended family at some point over the holidays for gifts and food and hanging out. We still do that but the dynamics have changed a bit. Fewer presents. The cast of who makes it to the party varies from year to year.
    I’ve started making our own traditions with the girls. One that Tim and I have done since we were dating is to always drive around and look at Christmas lights one evening. We just did that last night with the girls. Of course it isn’t as peaceful and the time out is much shorter with the girls, but it’s still fun.

  6. Talk about a brian fart,…I didn’t know you sewed cloth cubes. Those are adorable!! Please, direct me to your store. Well, uh, unless I’m a randomly chosen winner. Lost the last three I entered, perhaps the odds are now closer to my favor.
    I choose package one.

  7. One thing that my Mom always got for us every year were advent calendars. I LOVED them…opening them every day was like opening a present, and watching the days get closer to Christmas was always so exciting. I used to get so excited to see what the upcoming days would be I would sometimes peek ahead. I miss that overwhelming excitement you have as a child…like you are so excited you just honestly can’t wait another day or you will burst! We also always celebrated St. Nicholas day, Dec. 6…we’d leave our shoes by the fireplace and find treats in our shoes in the morning. It was like a little pre-Christmas. I always thought everyone did these things, but as I got older, I realized they didn’t…so I will definitely carry on these traditions with my own family. Speaking of my own family, I’d love to be entered in the first package as I am expecting my first child in early June. šŸ™‚

  8. yup, I do sew – made those aprons too – there’s some aprons in my etsy store (which I’m lazy right now and if you look to the right side bar you should see my etsy mini) any way – I’ll work on getting some cubes in my store, it needs a little something new. I’ve been, well I’ve been nursing probably. Babies.

  9. WOW both of those are such great gifts!! If I have to choose 1 of them I will go with #1.
    A CHRISTmas tradition I grew up with is opening 1 present on CHRISTmas eve (which my parents picked out for us) and it was ALWAYS a new pair of PJ’s! I still do that with my children!!
    Thanks for the chance to win

  10. Growing up, my family always opened gifts on Christmas Eve and then had one big present from Santa Christmas morning. My husband’s family opened one small present on Christmas Eve and everything else Christmas morning. We haven’t decided for sure which way we’ll be doing it with our kids.
    One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is pile in the car and go look at Christmas lights. There is a local neighborhood that is known for their displays.
    A tradition we’re starting this year is to get an ornament for each of our kids that has some significance for this year. We’ll get a new ornament each year and when they are grown up they will have a collection of ornaments to start their own tree with.
    Since there are babies in the house, I’d go with Package #1.

  11. Donielle – loved your second comment. No worries, you won’t mess the random numbers up šŸ™‚ I’ve heard that too – mom-nesia of whatever – but it only slightly makes me feel any better about forgetting important things like one of my best friends birthdays – however I decide to call said friend on that day and shoot the breeze. Yeah – there should be a chapter about the loss of tact you endure when carrying child or nursing them.

  12. This brain fart thing happens again when you become peri-menopausal, too, so I’m feeling your pain sister! Anyway, about the holiday traditions. About 10 years ago, we started making big, fat, sloppy banana splits on Christmas Eve. The kind you have to put away in the freezer for later because you can’t finish it all or you’d erp! Another thing we’ve taken to doing after the gifts and stockings and big meal is over…some off-the-wall, non-traditional family activity. For instance, one year we did kareoke(?spelling?), another year it was the home version of Dance Dance Revolution. Last year it was beer pong and guitar hero. Very wierd but it works for our family! Off the subject again, I know Lindsey from Her Hands and I know you from BP and your blog and now your Etsy, too. Small triangular world, eh? How come you never comment on my blog…is it that brain fart thing? Well, have a blessed holiday with your beautiful little family. Hugs, Lana!

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