And a very Merry Christmas to you

This giveaway is now closed. Winner will be announced later today.
The last giveaway of the 6 days of Christmas is a $53 gift certificate to West Elm. Woo hoo! But why 53? Yeah, it was 100 at one point, then I bought something or two and then returned one – and well, we ended up with $53 on the gift card just laughing at us. So now it’s yours. Well, one of yours.
You could buy this:
Or this:
What is it about wood slices and glass domes? Just makes me feel all cottagey and homey. Plus a little like the outdoors and I’m that kind of girl.
You could put a dent in the purchase of this:
Or this:
And this is devilyishly (not a word, I know) on sale:
But of course the more expensive option is more my style, to the bane (not sure I’m using the right word here, but it sounds good) of my husbands expectations:
To win this giveaway I’m turning the tables on you – you have to ask me a question, and not something stupid (yes stupid) like – How are you? Is it snowing where you live? or even Where do you live? Do a little research, you’ll figure this out on your own – I want the questions you’ve all been wondering about, dying to know. Within reason. I’ll answer them in a video cast along with announce the winner the day after Christmas. And I’ll be choosing the winner of this giveaway on the creativity of the question. No randomness in this one. So – what is it that you want to know? Or even read about here?
One entry per IP address PER DAY. Open to all. Giveaway ends at noon EST on December 26, 2008. Winner to be announced later that evening.
Merry Christmas!

14 thoughts on “And a very Merry Christmas to you

  1. When do you feel most yourself in your motherhood, your marriage & your home? You know, that feeling when you just sit back and think “ahh. all is right with the world.”

  2. What do you most look forward to in your children’s lives? I mean, what do you think will be that time that you’ll look back on and think, I’m so glad I did this and was successful in raising my children just the way I wanted to?

  3. If you were to write and illustrate a children’s book for your kids, what would the story be about and what medium would you use to create the illustations?

  4. what is your favorite thing to do when you are snowed in? with and w/o kids? and don’t tell me baking b/c I know that one! I mean something else, maybe something you used to do when you were a kid that you would love to do now??

  5. Of all the personal character qualities you have, what is the one quality you most hope to pass on to your children? What is the quality you most fear passing on to your children? I know I have both types of qualities, and I often wonder how to go about ensuring my children are or aren’t apples that don’t fall far from the tree (so to speak)? Maybe you can tackle that one, too, if you have the time or gumption :-).
    Have a great Christmas. I see me, you, and Leanne out sometime in the near future. Let’s make this happen soon.

  6. I know you got married fairly young…at least “young” in comparison to the age at which the average woman gets married now. If you had waited to get married and start a family, what could you have seen yourself doing? Travel? Work? Hobby?

  7. Out of all the Religous places in the world which one would you take your kids to, why would you take them there and what would you teach them about the place?
    Thanks for the chance to win this prize and have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  8. What would you want to do if you could do anything in the world for work? And how has this changed as you have grown up?

  9. P.S. Thanks for sharing your mom with me šŸ™‚ Also…THANKS for the gifts! Timmy and I will be having drinks on you and keeping a grocery list hehe. Merry Christmas!

  10. Ok so alot of them about you and being a mom and wifey and alot of the questions are ones i was gonna ask…so let me see…
    Jodi Schaap when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror who do you see and are you happy with her?
    merry christmas dear. enjoy the day with your family.

  11. Jodi – When people compliment you – what praises and commendations are the easiest to believe and accept about yourself?

  12. you are very honest on here (in a great way) šŸ˜‰ — but have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and thought “why did i blog about that?!!?”? and have you ever raced to the computer to edit/delete it? šŸ™‚
    btw, “my brain is a sieve” (as my mil would say) ever since i’ve become a mum. i find it worst when i’m breastfeeding. šŸ™‚
    and–thanks for noting me as a referral on paperbackswap!

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