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Of all the personal character qualities you have, what is the one quality you most hope to pass on to your children?
Probably the need for adventure, willingness to try new things. The ability to be an open book. Of course I hope they’re kind people and successful in their own rite – whatever success means to them. Really, all I want for them, in the end, is happiness and the wisdom or knowledge to know what that really is.
What is the quality you most fear passing on to your children?
Stupidity. Which is a very loaded answer, and I’ll just leave it locked and engaged.
I often wonder how to go about ensuring my children are or aren’t apples that don’t fall far from the tree (so to speak)?
Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of this in these terms before. I think we’re all a product of our surroundings so ensuring that they are not apples that fall far from the tree seems impossible to me. They’re individuals already – with their own personal dreams and fears aside from mine, but I know I put my own on them just in the way I act or live out my life. I try to be conscious about the messages I’m sending them but I’m so human and imperfect that I figure if they get out the door as a functioning adult we did something right!
Out of all the Religous places in the world which one would you take your kids to, why would you take them there and what would you teach them about the place?
Honestly have never thought of this. Aaron and I would love to go on a tour of Turkey or Jeruselem with Ray VanderLaan some day and if we take our kids that’d be awesome.
What would you want to do if you could do anything in the world for work? And how has this changed as you have grown up?
Help people decide where to give their time, money, efforts. I would love to work at an organization without all the red tape who is just interested in bettering other people’s lives. However that may be. From the smallest of things like getting a house cleaned for an elderly person, or arranging home cooked meals for people with special needs to planning and executing large party planning for someone’s dream wedding on a dime.
OR – and these might intertwine a bit, but to run and host a bed and breakfast or my dream of chicken coop cottages.
It’s changed alot as I’ve grown up, the dream used to be to own and run a bakery. Or simply be a veterinarian. Teacher, mom, photographer. Realtor. The Chicken Coop Cottages has been a steady dream for a long time though – always in the back of my head. Always dreaming about that one.
What is your dream house and where would it be?
Dream house!! The kitchen is the focus of my dream house – and the master bathroom. And a playroom. I want an island in my kitchen, my HUGE kitchen, with all sorts of cabinetry and useful, tried and true things. Light, airy – lots of windows. A couple sinks.
It would be on a semi private plot of land with a view of some kind of water or woodland setting. Definitely not staring at nothing and NOT staring into someone else’s yard. No. But we would have neighbors. And be close to the downtown of where ever we were.
Jodi Schaap when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror who do you see and are you happy with her?
I have been avoiding this question. Probably the best question out of the lot in terms of getting down and dirty with honesty.
So here it is: When I wake in the morning I see a woman who is severely unhappy, however comfortable, with the skin she’s in. The saggy, marked up skin that has been through two beautiful births. I see a woman who fakes it on a regular basis, because I care too much what you (anyone) think. I see freckles and I love my freckles. I see regret, sorrow, longing. I see hope. I see happy endings. I see a woman who has been through hell, shit and fucked up life. I see me. And I am no longer afraid of that.
Am I happy with her? Yes I am happy with her. She has come a very long way. She has miles to go – but she finally gets a few things. Like how life isn’t all about her. How the world would keep on going if she weren’t in it – so lets make it worth it. She’s flawed and scarred and insecure but within all of that, even she can see the beauty.
When people compliment you – what praises and commendations are the easiest to believe and accept about yourself?
That I’m honest. A good writer. Has a good eye for taking pictures. Fast learner. Creative in the kitchen. Good parent. (Adorable kids!)
Good question! I don’t really like to think about what people have said about me as a compliment, makes me uncomfortable to accept them most of the time. The best compliment I ever got was from a male friend – we were discussing the opportunity to own a bed a breakfast and he mentioned, in passing, how good he thought I would be at it. I’ve always thought of that and wondered, really? Me? I could be good at something like that? And secretly cherished the boost of confidence and seemingly off handed ability to believe in me.
you are very honest on here (in a great way) 😉 — but have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and thought “why did i blog about that?!!?”? and have you ever raced to the computer to edit/delete it?
YES! Many times. I don’t generally go to sleep if something on my site is bothering me, so I’ll edit it or take it down so I CAN sleep. I’ve let a few things go over night though and then ended up deleting them in the morning. Aaron has asked me to take a few things down, too. Generally they’re not very personal – more story telling, but they’ve been crass or disrespectful. There are lines I so badly want to cross on this website but won’t because of the family who I know reads this site. I would very much like to be anonymous and untraceable some of the time so I could be free to write how and about what I’d like. But that’s not the reality for this site and that’s ok now.
We have very firm boundaries on the personal things I share though. There are subjects I just won’t broach – and we are constantly reevaluating these boundaries, too. So I might have felt ok to write about one issue a year ago and no longer do in the present or vice versa.
AND THEN there are times when I feel all worried about what I wrote but not because I wanted to delete it – more because I wanted it to be received well or how I intended it. I get really nervous when I’m raw and honest on this site because it’s so personal most of the time it’s hard to just put it out there and then either get nothing in return, or just sit on it – waiting.
Thanks for all your questions!! Keep them coming if you’d like, I’ll try to answer them all as I get them.
And remember me mentioning something about a surprise when all the giveaways were through? It’s coming. And you’re all a part of it. I’m writing/putting together a book … a living book. It’ll be available shortly – but soon I’ll need some more input and entries from you and your friends. Details will be up shortly. Here’s a hint – it has to do with the memories (ages 7 to 11).

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