Ringing it in

We had a little get together at our house for the New Years Eve celebration and ringing in the new year. It was fun. As you can see, this fish here, he had too much to drink. We did not. The fish did. Us? Nope. The fish? Yes. I’m glad we all understand.
Here’s proof. You see the fish there in the right corner, he’s eyeing my drink. I’m just sayin.
We did have a wonderful time with some awesome food.
We are surrounded be amazing company, no? Also – they’re good in the kitchen. Features and featurettes to come. More cooking, baking and photos – even videos of the fun and mess we constantly make in this house.
We also played a few rounds of LRC (Left, Right, Center), have you played this game? You should. It was so much fun. We lost some money, but don’t tell my granny – she doesn’t approve of the whole casting lots business. But uh, well … nevermind. We also, well … we won!
The first few rounds we only played with quarters and the same couple won 3 times in a row. She’s pregnant so we forgave them, but then made them promise to name this baby “Jodi” and we were happy after that. I finally have a namesake! It only cost me $2.25!
Our winning round we played with three $1 bills except for that one guy who played with 3 piles of quarters and sat to my left who kept passing me money. I didn’t like those quarters. Those quarters were hurting my chi. But in the spirit of a new year I let it go. Almost. (Just kidding!! Almost.)
We toasted the ball dropping with champagne but I was too busy congratulating friends and being completely confused by the local broadcast and 30 second stint of seizure inducing flashing our news channel had going on to take any photos of that.
Happy New Year!
Mr. Schaap and I haven’t discussed resolutions yet, and I don’t generally do them – but I think this year we’re both resolving to get serious about the all american weight loss. Who knows. But good luck to all your resolutions – I’d love to hear about them!

3 thoughts on “Ringing it in

  1. Ah, you must have been watching the same crappy local channel we were watching. Happy New Year! Oh, is the fish suffering a little hang over this morning?

  2. haha, actually when I was talking about the fish I was not talking about me. I didn’t even finish my drink. So no hangover for me – the fish though, he’s feeling badly about his actions. (and the fish is simply a joke – just the fish)

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