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Today we’re linking it up. I’ve recently become the user of a Reader – of the RSS type or whatever. I’m using google reader if you’re interested.
What is a reader you ask? It organizes all the websites I check (or stalk) daily into one place so I no longer have to be a vulture about it and I’m effectively curing my OCD tendencies while I’m at it. Yippee! I’m also cheating on my husband with the reader – it’s that good. And delicious. And sinful. And easy like a slut at last call. Boo ya!
SO… lets link it up a bit shall we? Gems of gems that I’ve come across. I love links. I love inspiration. I love finding new and exciting things – seeing into other people’s worlds. Gleaning their success and then dreaming of my own.
First off we have Sneak Peaks from design*sponge. I heart design*sponge.
I’ve got some new and very worthy ideas for this site. Which – ok, lets talk about this. I often find myself daydreaming and thinking of new things to talk about here, show here, do here. It’s ridiculous – this culture, this website, this “blog” has become part of my daily thought strategy – how do I get people to be more interactive? How is it possible to make a revune from this site? Is it possible, how do I find my voice in the thousands and thousands of blogs out there – and that’s just the good ones.
This often plagues me. Because there isn’t much that sets me apart, from an audience stand point, from the next blogger. I’m not bringing new and revolutionary ideas to the internet – and although I don’t lack passion, I sometimes lack vision. The one thing I’ve thought of that could potentially set me apart is a little (or widely, who knows) known fact about my husband and I.
Other than this hospital bill, that we are currently knocking out of the park – we are a debt free family. Our business is debt free, always has been. We do have a mortgage – but Dave Ramsey will even recognize this as debt free. So … there you have it. This sets us apart only because the “American way” these days seems to be consumer debt and hard knock debt and debt, debt and more debt. Have a business?? How much debt are you in? NONE! Yeah. So. I don’t really know if I want that to be what sets me apart. Because being debt free also implies that we have an amazing amount of disposable income, which … honestly, if it weren’t for the hospital bill we’re currently crushing, we would. But I’m a hoarder – and we’ve been over that.
But I don’t want this website to be “how to become debt free” – it’s a passion, a personal passion for our family. It’s how we believe we’re called to live. I’m not going to teach people how to be debt free, or even talk about it. The tagline of this site is not – Living life debt free! It has nothing to do with it.
So I’m stuck.
I don’t know how to get to the next level with this website. I do not want huge fame. The negative feedback and haters would probably kill my spirit and I don’t want that. I just want to be able to contribute. I want to work. For myself. I need the brain sex, so to speak, of doing something other than caring for small children.
Here’s some of my ideas:
More kitchen, cooking type posts with MORE photos. Lots and lots of photos. Baking without gluttony? As in – healthy baking. Throwing things together to see what comes out, etc.
I love antiques and vintage fare – I could find and create a bunch of different uses for items that are reusable. (I love this idea, actually, because it kind of gets all my favorites wrapped into one. Decorating, flea marketing, thinking outside of the box and creating, being creative.)
Change nothing and just continue to do this. A little of that, more of this and some of that over there. No real direction. But also no boundaries. Try it and love it or hate it.
OR??? What? What else, what would make you keep coming back here, what would make this website worth your RSS feed or any Reader program out there?

3 thoughts on “Links turn into thoughts

  1. Yes ma’am, you have been selected to receive one of 5 exclusive friendship awards.
    Pick up badge here.
    Maybe you just need to decorate your sidebar more.

  2. I know – the sidebar, right? Yes. We have quite the redesign of this site under construction right now – which will give me more room and freedom with what to do with those darn sidebars. Although – personally, and I’m sorry!!, I just don’t like all those buttons. I’m all for supporting other bloggers but I’d rather just click on their ads to accomplish this and add them to my blogroll or something. I know, I know. Feel free to commence hating in 3, 2, 1…

  3. No hating here, that’s what I like about you…you have a specific style, yet it’s still open for transformation. You know what you like, and what you don’t like. It just seems natural that you’re drawn toward things other people would like too.
    I see big things for you!

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