Aaaaand one more beef taco

It’s true. I’m consistently proving how much of a liar I am when it comes to this site. Just the other day I was all “This site is not about living debt free!” and then I post videos proclaiming that very thing.
Sometimes I just need to put my foot in my mouth. Ok, alot of times. I have a healthy foot-eating habit. My dentist doesn’t really appreciate this but, well, he’s not me.
My apologies. However if you’ve been following this story of the Insurance Crackheads that lied to us (that’s me being nice) then here’s a small update for you all.
We’re no longer with that insurance agency or even that certain coverage. We switched agents quite a while ago and at the turn of the year we’re finally under new coverage. No lying involved. Much appreciated. Out of the total (approx) $12,500 it costs to have a baby in Michigan (out of pocket) we paid just under $11,400, I think. I’m not about to get those papers out and figure this all out because I’m having a good day today and bringing all that paperwork out makes me spit fire.
But only for a second. Aside from everything that has happened, I’m very thankful for my son. VERY. I love him. People, I adore him. He is the happiest kid ever, makes us all smile and the addition he put on our family is not only welcome, it was wanted. And we’re all gay with happiness over him.
The End.

2 thoughts on “Aaaaand one more beef taco

  1. Hey that is so awesome that you guys are debt free! What a good relief and a nice headache to be done with. Praise God!!

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