The Birthday Party that didn’t happen

Yes, you read that right. We did not have The Birthday Party today. Jessica and Oliver both woke up with a green monster coming out of their nose and congestion up the wazoo. So we canceled the party.
Turns out it was just fine. I was getting stressed about the party and everything I had to do yet for my vision of a Birthday Party for little girls. Yes, I need prozac.
Here’s a few things I planned on doing.


Pom Pom flowers for above the cake table.
We have an 88cent store that does balloons – so I ordered 28 balloons in dark purple, pink, lime green and white with one mylar that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I had them grouped in 5 sets of 5 and one set of 3 (with the mylar). I also bought pink plastic table cloth’s from the 88cent store for the table and floor around the cake.
The 5 sets of 5 balloons were going to be part of the little girls take home bags. Which also included a set of cards for each of the girls, Old Maid, Go Fish, WAR, and Crazy Eights. Each of them were going to have a hot-pink visor (shape of tiara) with their name in glitter on the front.
It all goes with the “Princess” theme. Jessica is wonderfully enchanted with all things Disney Princess. (You should read that to say – Disney we hate you.)
I did Cake Pops in pink and purple but I was also going to do a version of this cake, or atleast use it for inspiration. I don’t think I would do a coffee chocolate cake for the 4 year old but the petite, stacked look is what I really loved. Pink frosting, duh. And a kiddie waffle cone upside down on the very top for the Princess effect.
I’ll still be doing these cakes for her OTHER party. With the grandparents. Yay! They just got Princessed.
As you can see – it was quite the production. Which I love, actually. Party planning and execution is one of the many things that makes my blood pump good and healthy.
I’ll have photos of some of this stuff next weekend. And more ideas to come, I’m sure.
What are some of the creative things you’ve done for a party??

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  1. Sorry your lil ones are sick : (
    Thanks for visiting my blog! When I saw the comment about SKIP BO I just knew I had to come and visit. I love Skip Bo and just now got my daughter into playing it.
    *Thanks for entering the giveaway!

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