Calling all Esty shops!

Do you have etsy shop that I don’t know about yet? Leave a comment with your shop site and I’ll put together a little somethin somethin of a feature about all the etsy shop’s who read my site.
Because I love you. And I want to support you.
If you do not have a shop and I’ve tried to push you in that direction … GET ON IT! (Amanda, Jill, Jen ??? Looking at you girls here.) Um, I think you’re all amazing and how wonderful it is that you can all create such diverse and beautiful things.
Go you!
Here’s a little inspiration (or not, but here’s a link any way) it’s my shop. Woo hoo!
Jodimichelle’s ETSY shop




One thought on “Calling all Esty shops!

  1. I think I just got the “mom” look from you Jodi šŸ™‚
    As soon as I can get my head out of the sand…or snow, I will definitely set up shop and let you know…. plus I have another idea I should run past you to see what you think.

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