Who likes curry?

Have you heard of those vision boards every body and Oprah are talking about? Do you think it’s garbage or The Law Of Attraction? Don’t answer that. Wait, yes, do. Oh whatever. Just be nice.
Here’s what’s going to go down today (tonight) I’m going to write Ms. Attraction a little letter and she better darn well behave.
Dear Ms. Attraction,
Let me just start out by saying you look lovely today. In fact I think that shade of chartreuse is just perfect for your skin tone. And your eyes! I mean, wow. Very nice.
But lets get down to business. I’m effectively done kissing your ass. Here’s the thing … I don’t want to get in to the sorted past but I feel I need to bring a few things to your attention if for nothing else than to prove my point and get you on the same page here.
What the hell was 1997 all about any way? You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t give me that tone. Also, please remember and be sure to reference 1999, winter.
As the story of your Law goes – I’m supposed to be able to speak a future truth about myself and believe it and then wait for it to happen. Am I right? Here goes.
Ms. Attraction please be notified that I am 25 to 30 pounds lighter and therefore freeing up space in the over populated world for everyone else. Look at me, being helpful.
Ms. Attraction please be aware that we sold our house in early 2009 and buy a new one to redo on the super cheap and are currently living completely debt free. You are such a gem. Blueberry muffins will be delivered to your doorstep promptly. With butter-cream frosting. And chocolate.
Also, our business survived this tough economical time and sustained itself which allowed my amazing (and smokin’ hot) husband to hire the help he needed and find balance in his work/home relationships and life.
Ms. Attraction? 2009 was also the year that healing became the theme in my personal relationships, in every realm. Family, friends, strangers. 2009 marked the year for breakthroughs for me. Bitterness gave way to acceptance which gave way to understanding which ultimately gave way to conversations which proved the outcome of healing. Though tough and unpleasant at times – totally worth it. Let me never be too comfortable to stop feeling pain, to start feeling joy and to forever be able to emotionally connect with the people most important to me.
And my laundry list of things to do that I actually did:
Attended BlogHer conference ’09
Figured out this thing of a website
Blew my mind and learned something new
You know those little things I always say to myself “I want to try that some day, do that some day, live there once?” – Yeah, I started trying, doing and living.
Spain {insert moaning and groaning. oh baby, baby}
Healthy, health and some more health.
I continuously sleep for 8 hours at a time. In one stretch. Consecutively. All together.
Met Heather Armstrong. (PS, I’m not crazy) [You know you’ve reached a bit of celebrity status when your name graces a Law of Attraction letter forecasting the things someone wants for themselves, no? Totally the Jolie lady of the webernet. I’m just sayin’] Wrote a book, published it and someone other than my mom(s) bought it. (Uh oh, we’re starting to peel back the onion layers here, people – this might be dangerous. I’m actually wanting things for MYSELF – and the cardinal guilt trip of being a homo sapien mother is exactly that. Consummate irrefutable “take back” feelings in three, two, one …)
Thank you, Ms. Attraction for your undivided attention in these matters and for listening. You are pretty cool like that unlike the 15 year old version of myself.

4 thoughts on “Who likes curry?

  1. are you talking about the idea that you visualize something you hope for, and by doing so, you attract it to yourself–the universe somehow knows that you are wanting this, and works it out that you get it? Like a new bike, you think about the new bike, think about what it would be like to have it, ride it, love it, and then somehow, magically, it shows up for you? If so these are my thoughts. If not, sorry I’m not up on what we are talking about šŸ™‚
    I find this principle very helpful when it comes to things that we are already supposed to posses in Christ, such as hope, peace, joy, unity, love, etc. If i am lacking in something such as hope, which by definition of being a Christian I am supposed to already posses, I find no problems picturing what having a life full of hope would like like. I find it helpful actually to picture it, and then do my best to live into that reality.
    I do not find this super helpful for material things, such as winning the lottery, or wanting a new bike. I don’t find that to match up with what I believe as a Christian. I do not believe the universe works on some kind of “laws of attraction” principle and if i just send out the right vibe, the forces that exist will recognize that and send a new bike my way. I think that goes against what I believe concerning God’s providence and control. Why pray to God if I’m just going to send out vibes and get what I want anyhow? I pray b/c I believe God is in control of the universe, God has the ability to bring good gifts into my life. God also has the power to say no, and i trust God’s judgment. I don’t know that I can say the same about the universe’s judgment. If i ask the universe for a million dollars, and get it, that might not be the best thing for me. God would know this, and not allow me to have that million. What if by getting that million I spent it on drugs, sex, and other bad things? The laws of attraction assume a lot of faith in humanity, that we know what is best for our own lives, and we know what to ask for. I do not have that same kind of faith in humanity, I do not think that we know what to ask for, or what is best for our own lives. That’s God’s job, which I’m thankful for!
    anyhow, those are my thoughts. again, if this is what we are talking about, i’ve actually done some research on this and find the principles interesting. if not, so sorry, i made you read all this šŸ™‚

  2. Love it Tracy – this was actually just a spoof on the whole vibe idea. It ended being something I was just writing for myself, something I was hoping I could get through in 2009. I agree though, the whole asking for material things and just believing they’re going to appear is just ridiculous to me – but I do believe that when we ask we receive – only problem with that statement is that most people hear it and assume MONEY, POWER, RECOGNITION, STUFF. Which is not at all what that statement implies or empowers, in any way.
    Thanks for your thoughts šŸ™‚
    Last day of Intensive class! Hoo-Ra!

  3. Hi Jodi…
    I had to comment about this (even though I haven’t really heard about the “law of attraction” thing but I get the gist of it by your letter) because my sister-in-law and I talk about stuff kinda like this quite a bit. First off though, I absolutely love and totally agree with Tracy….I definitely believe that God knows what I need and when I need it and have complete faith in that belief and Him….not in just believing the universe will send me what I want if I think about it hard enough. Of course, Tracy says it much better than me!!
    However, I have been reading a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay and in this book she talks a lot about how our thoughts shape just about everything in our life and how we essentially “attract” (for lack of a better word) everything around us. It’s pretty much the same principle, I guess, but this book….and a couple of others of hers….has really helped me in dealing with some problems regarding my childhood, a divorce, remarrying, how I treat my kids and how I feel about and see my body (cause I have a good 30-40 lbs to lose myself). She essentially believes that if we love ourselves and have positive, good thoughts about ourselves and those around us we will attract love and good from other people and of course good “things” as well. I don’t agree with everything she thinks but I love how much it’s helped me to forgive myself and my past relationships….it’s definitely helped me change my thought process which has helped a ton with my own healing process. Of course, I have a long way to go…..but I do believe that good attracts good and maybe that’s where the faith, peace, hope and love comes in…I dunno!!
    Sorry if this post makes absolutely no sense….if nothing else, thanks for letting me ramble…lol!!!

  4. I also have that book “You Can Heal Your Life”…I haven’t finished it yet, but it has some great stuff in it. I had a hard time with some of the stuff she says…but once I decided to filter out what I didn’t agree with, and only listen to the parts that made sense to me…it has been a really worthwhile read. This is true of a lot of books…you don’t have to agree with every word to get a lot of good stuff out of it.
    One of my favorite parts is in the beginning. “No matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts. Even self-hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself. You have a thought that says, “I’m a bad person.” This thought produces a feeling, and you buy into the feeling. However, if you don’t have the thought, you won’t have the feeling. And thoughts can be changed. Change the thought, and the feelings must go.”
    It really does help to look at why you hold on to things that make you miserable…what caused them, why you feel them, and how you can learn to let them go. I guess this too would be a form of the law of attraction. It’s not about getting material things as much as it is about changing your thoughts…which can in turn lead to better relationships, jobs, etc. They kind of come second hand.
    Whenever you are dreading something you tend to focus on it and go round and round in your head about how awful it will be and why. Instead I have tried to think of THREE positive things about whatever it is, and EVERY time a negative thought comes into my head, I replace it by thinking of these three things. Even if you have to write them down and keep them with you to remind you. It could be about yourself, someone else, an event you have to go to…anything really. Try it! It’s an interesting place to start. What a great “hot topic” this has been. šŸ™‚

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