Diapers on the cheap

Got this little tid bit from Baby Cheapskate.
Here’s how to get tons of diapers and wipes, etc on the super fly cheap:


Go here and put something like this and this in your cart. Create a new account – and at check out use this promo code for $10 off RW8161 or RESOLUTION if the first one doesn’t work. Then print this out, complete it and send it it. It’s a rebate for $15 off your order … so at the end of all of this you could be getting a ton of diapers and wipes for only $26 aprox. and that’s an awesome deal.
Any variety will do, of course – but if you get your cart past the $49 mark before the discounts are applied shipping is free.


It only works for new accounts though. Sad. I did read that some people were able to get it to work by changing their name a bit on the credit card check out info (K instead of Katie etc) but I use paypal and it doesn’t work for me then. So – happy shopping! Hope you get some super cheap diapers. I wrangled my mom into it for me, so I can still get the deal. (Thanks mom!)

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