How about some sage?

You guys are awesome. What a great thread of conversation we’re having on the law of attraction, energy, thoughts and so on.
I’m just going to open it up in the forefront here and see what else we can muster up.
Some really good points have been brought up and I’m loving the length of your opinions/research/thoughts that you’re sharing.
Here’s something else that “bothers” me … being in the town, background, family I’m in, older generations etc, using words like ‘energy’ or even ‘vision’ is so frowned upon. Why are these dirty words? When you strip the connotations these words have been given and just decide for yourself that the language we’ve been using for how ever many years is demeaning to our own spiritual health this new vocabulary is wonderfully open, accepting and understandable. It’s pure.
I tend to shy away from using these descriptive words for this very reason – the region I’m in and town I live in isn’t really forward thinking on most of these (SMALL!) issues. But I think I’d be surprised, too. I just need to be willing to be uncomfortable in my own surroundings, too.
If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time you know I went through holistic health counseling with Jill Tanis – and her website seems to be down otherwise I would link to it. But that was one of the best things I could have ever done for my health, my families health and for help and guidance in this, often critical and over thought and dogmatic, world. I was able to really find forgiveness for things in my past and present – and through that came healing and a much better understanding of what my relationship with Christ was, is and should be.
I’m not shy about it. I believe in God. I attend a church. I read my Bible. But also – I don’t aim to be put into the box of “another Christian”. I’ve always, personally, had a hard time understanding the need for denominations or even for the need to have a definition of the KIND of Christian you are. As a very young child, and still, I couldn’t wrap my head around the crushing inability for people to break those barriers and walk their own talk – we’re all the same in the Love of Christ. Made in his imagine. No one better than the other. No one teacher smarter, more well equipped or more breathed on by God than the other.
It’s hard for me to see why this needs to be so complicated.
These are my own thoughts and feelings. What I put my own energy into – I’m not a theologian by any standards, that is laughable actually. I’m also not very knowledgeable about my own faith which is a long and sustainable battle for me. I’m learning though. And working towards changing that.

3 thoughts on “How about some sage?

  1. i love this post and you are a bold, brave woman that i really respect right now. i could not have put words to my own faith any better than you just did right there.

  2. Hi Jodi….me again!!
    These are wonderful posts, stuff I really like to think about, so here’s my opinion….
    I live and have grown up in a very small community that isn’t really that forward thinking as well. Growing up I was taught to believe when you were sick you went to the doctor to get medicine to take care of your illness….period. I was also taught that when you were angry, sad, scared, etc… kept it in, maybe talked about it a little bit, but for the most part you dealt with it on your own, pulled up your britches, and moved on….period. So fast forward to almost 7-8 years ago, my daughter was about 3 months old and we were at a hot springs. A woman comes up to me and goes on and on about my daughter’s wonderful “aura” and “energy” and it TOTALLY freaked me out…yet, it intrigued me at the same time. So, I began looking into “alternative medicine” and met what we call a curandera, or a witch doctor (even though she really isn’t, I guess, but I don’t know what to call her!!), and have been going to her for the last 7 years. Now she’s not into energies or auras, she’s more into balancing out your body through releasing past and present emotions, working on positive thinking, realigning your body, medicating with herbs, and not eating dairy, acidic foods, wheat, or caffeine. The reason I love going to her is because I have learned that I can heal my body without just taking another medication, but actually getting down to the root of the problem, the emotion of the problem, etc. I have learned that it is okay for me to get angry or sad or scared and it’s okay for me to express these emotions in a positive way so as for them not to cause harm to my body. I still go to a doctor when needed but for the most part I rely on this form of medicine to keep me centered and healthy….and I feel better than I ever have!! Plus, my daughter has never once had to have antibiotics and both my kids rarely, if ever, get sick.
    Now, still to this day I get crap from members of my community (okay, my family mainly) because they are unwilling to accept that there is more than one way to take care of yourself. But, I’ve come to accept that this is what they have been taught and this is what they believe and I don’t need to try to change it or convince them to give something else a chance….they are doing what’s right for them and I am doing what’s right for me and my family…..period!! Sometimes I think we all get caught up in trying to make what’s right for us right for everyone else and that’s just not how it works, no matter how hard we try! You talked about being uncomfortable in your surroundings….I think that’s when we grow and learn the best….sometimes being too comfortable keeps us feeling safe, but stagnant….so uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing…it makes me smile just imagining all of the things we have yet to learn and explore!!
    Jodi….I applaud you for sharing your opinions and feelings so openly and honestly. It is very refreshing and I enjoy it!! You have a wonderful testimony of your love for Christ and I can see that you have a true Christ-like love for others as well. You are right, none of us are any better than the other and it’s something I pray to remember each day!!
    Sorry for the book…..but thanks again!!

  3. Very good thoughts Jodi and Tandra! I think it’s great to explore other ways of healing ourselves. I switched doctors a few years back because he seemed to be such a pill pusher. Anything you went in for…here take this pill…that didn’t work, let’s try this one…then a third. I am 29 now and was on so many medications I felt like an elderly person! Now I am pregnant with my first child and so I stopped taking everything. The only thing I’m taking is my prenatal vitamins. It feels great! I’m not saying there is no use for medicine…and believe me I will be happy to resume taking my migraine medications once I’m able to again…but this has been a great time for me to explore other options to deal with them. I’ve been trying chiropractors, massage, yoga…all sorts of things. Being pregnant has given me a reason to look at things differently, and to really force me to stop with all the meds all the time.
    I hear where you are coming from about the small town aspect. I was lucky enough to come from a family that is SO awesome. We were always taught that seeing a psychiatrist for example was perfectly normal…even if as a teen it was mortifying and were ashamed someone would find out! My family has also been very liberal in a very non-liberal community, so I’ve gotten used to being the odd man out. Now that I’m older I see just how much all that being different has helped me. I have no problem letting people know if I feel differently about something. I’m not mean or pushy about it…I don’t try to change them…but I don’t sit silently if they make comments that I really have a problem with. It feels liberating to just be yourself, and to not care what people think. It feels better than just sitting there silently thinking how much you disagree, but not saying anything cuz you want them to like you. Here’s the kicker…when you do express yourself…they still DO like you! You don’t have to be carbon copies of the people around you…you can think different things, and have great discussions and all still be friends. So here’s to being yourself…whoever that is!

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