Baby sign with our friends at raisingpeanuts dot com

Donielle over at Raising Peanuts is doing a video series on baby sign. Hi Donielle!
We’re avid baby signers over here. Jessica was on that band wagon good and early – at 9 months she could whip out Please, Thank You, More, Hurt, All Done, Hungry, Drink, Milk, and a few animals, like Alligator and Kitty and such.
Oliver?? Well, this kid is um, lazy. Or normal and Jessica was a complete outlier. Oliver does Milk. Often. Yeeeaah. We’re really pushing “Please” right now but he usually looks at us like we’re these Big Stupid Humans who talk with their hands WAY TOO MUCH. And then he shakes his head “No” and starts to grunt or “ha, ha, ha” and that’s not a laugh – thats his demanding we listen to his grunting already and put our fatherlovin’ hands down.
We’ll keep at it as the whole sign language thing reeeaaalllly helped with Jessica and communication (as in, we knew her needs and she felt understood and listened to) and I would love the same ease with Oliver. We’re getting there – but as you’ll see, he’s full of surprises.

Oliver signs and um, I think he talks. Words. English words. from Jodimichelle on Vimeo.

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