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I did numerous amount of videos this morning to end up with this one. Each and every time I pushed play a new set of intentions and problems would come out of my mouth and in an effort to calm the fear and panic I induced in myself I just ate an entire box of mac-n-cheese, half a bag of pretzels and a bowl of chili. Like a dunce yesterday I threw away all our junk food after finally catching up on the Biggest Loser. Someone yell at me. Right now.
And I say “ate” in regards to my lunch not in the “sit and look out the window and gaze while you slowly take a bite and savor it” kind of word. No, no. Lets get on the same page here – what I meant was I stood at the stove, licked the overuse of butter off my knife, opened my throat and swallowed al dante mac-n-cheese in between handfuls of pretzels and vomit-pursuing bites of chili.
I have issues. Serious. Issues.

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