What’s for dinner

Our menu plan is very enticing this week – and I need your help. Which of these sounds good enough for a recipe feature here on jodimichelle??
You choose – and I’ll deliver!
Ginger chicken stirfry
Salmon burgers
Winter Lentil Soup
Vegetable lasagna
Wild rice with dried cherries
Vegetable meatloaf
You should see my fridge. I love it.

8 thoughts on “What’s for dinner

  1. ok so we have salmon burgers on the menu this week, we made the lentil soup (which Dave said he would even eat w/o the sausage–holy crap!!) We also had ginger chix stir fry last week. i really love all of those!! maybe the soup one should be done on your site here since it’s winter, you can freeze it, and my husband, who isn’t into all this “health crap” even ate it and liked it!

  2. alrighty friends, ginger chix stir fry and wild rice with cherries are coming at ya.
    Tracy – we haven’t tried the salmon burgers yet and are super excited to. I’ll do the winter lentil soup, sounds like a good idea for a winter feature, too.
    And uh, if today is any indication of my cooking skills, we might need the fireman to be on stand by. Is baking a potato the most basic thing you can do?? I’m way behind then – because I think I’m doing it for the FIRST time today. It’s messy, I forwent the aluminum foil. I know, I know. BAD IDEA.
    Tell my smoke alarm that.

  3. what?! i make baked potatoes all the time w/o the foil…. i have put them directly on the oven rack, and i have put them in a pan w/some butter and salt… i’m not sure why yours didn’t work. you probably got bad potatoes. not your fault 😉

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