I need more adult interaction. Allow me to prove this point.

I have not forgotten about the Ginger Chicken Stir Fry recipe feature – just so happens we ate all the chicken in other manners of deliciousness so far this week. So um, when I get a turn with our one and only car and maybe, possibly, if the stars are aligned right – I might also get 2 hours child-free at the same time, I’ll be heading to the store for the restocking of chicken. Or I could cook up the whole-fryer I have in the freezer but let’s be honest here, I do not enjoy cleaning cooked chicken off it’s bones. Just don’t. Kinda grosses me out.
But I might be resorting to this because I’m home bound most of the time. Which brings me to this … I’m a bit of a hermit, always have been. I really do enjoy being hulled up in the confines of our property doing all sorts of home-ish things. It feeds me the kind of “social” food I need in order to reenergize. Some people, err Aaron, are energized by being around people, lots and lots of people – but that kind of interaction drains me faster than my breast feeding child at dinner time.
Not to say that being in large groups is not fun for me. I like that too – but I like smaller, more intimate get-togethers much better.
And now you know more than you need to about the logic behind the Ginger Chicken Stir Fry absence from my website.
You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “I need more adult interaction. Allow me to prove this point.

  1. I SO understand your need for hermit-time. It is the most delicious time spent for me…just being all by myself. It maybe is appropriate for you and me to have psycho-social husbands, ya think?

  2. Hi mom. You’re too funny. Probably the perfect match, really. Except for those days when we both want our way with the reenergizing qualities of people … me=none and him=TONS.

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