I think I can, I think I can


This photo has absolutely nothing to with this post but I thought I would just remind you all how adorable this kid is. As in, I’m lactating just looking at this one. Geesh. Heartbreaker, no?
I just cleaned out and organized my pantry and all cupboards containing food. I had no idea I had 2 boxes of graham crumbs or a 7 pound bag of powdered sugar. Also – I have more than 10 small containers in the freezer with something tomato-ish in them. Sauce? Soup? I don’t know.
Oh and a lasagna! Ready to be put in the oven! Not sure if I trust that one any more.
Apparently that’s where all my tupperware went.
So … now I get to try and use everything in my pantry and freezer with buying as little groceries as possible.
It’s so nice to be able to see the back of my freezer (inside) and to finally know what’s in the extra one in our garage.
I need some help – I have 2 roasts and one whole chicken (chicken ginger stir fry coming) as well as a slew of fish, sausage and um … tofu.
Canned mushrooms, cous cous, brown rice, lentils, yadda yadda. I’ve got the grains covered. Even some whole wheat pasta.
Let’s get creative – I need your favorite recipes and I’ll see what I can do with all the ingredients in my house. Baking, too!
I plan on spending less than $40 this week on groceries. If that.
Ah, snap.

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