This weekend was a great renewal for me in many ways. We skipped church to spend some much needed family time together and we ran away to Grand Rapids for breakfast a chance to get lost in a new place.
It was fabulous. We ate at the San Chez which was more than amazing. Their food is out of this world. I’ve only eaten there once before and it was for tapas and drinks. We’ll now try to make it out there at least once a month for breakfast on the weekend and even more on date nights.
Maybe it was because the sun was shining or because it was just so darn nice to hang out with my husband for a while – without anything else clamoring for either of our attention … but I needed this glimpse into a happy day. A feeling that it just doesn’t matter some times. Life is life. Lets get on with it.
Aaron took Jessica on the ice rink in Rosa Parks circle and got chased off by the city workers – it’s been a long since he’s ran from anyone in authority to his actions. He got flushed with the excitement of it and Jessica thought it was the best thing ever. Four and already running for the officials (of sorts). The payback I’m sure we’re going to endure some day is going to be insurmountable. But worth it. Plus we’ll have his parents and mine to tell us we’re not completely crazy. I think.
Any way – it was a wonderful weekend. One I want to put in a little box on display and remember for a long time.
Here’s some more beautiful things to look at and love:
Filigree butterfly
Watch movement ring
More later.

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  1. I LOVE San Chez. Glad you guys made it to GR for some family breaky. Lets go out in GR soon…or Holland! I love both. We went to City View for dinner with your mom and my dad…or well, “our mom and dad” I guess I can say…weird! haha

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