Valentines day reflections

People! I know. Recipe is almost done, it’s just sitting there waiting to be published but The Food Network got in the way and well, um – I think we all know how that ends.
Also – It was Valentines Day yesterday and Aaron came home with a surprise for Jessica and I – a weekend in Chicago! Which turned into a Saturday in Ann Arbor. It was wonderful. Zingermans really is worth all the hype.
Jessica was recently introduced to comic books by a stranger in a coffee house (she’s so shy, no?) so when we saw a shop downtown Ann Arbor we went in to let her have a looksee. She’s was mystified. And then we let her pick 2. She decided on these.
We also spent some time in the Hands-On Museum and would go back there in a heart beat. There were specific areas for kids Oliver’s age so he could roam free of a stroller or parental arms for a while and Jessica could play with, try and touch anything she wanted. Plus, we learned some stuff too and we generally enjoy acting like kids so that was fun for everyone.

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