4 thoughts on “bleh

  1. Oh my…I was just writing to my pen pal, and I told him that I know that I’m supposed to be encouraging him and all that, but this week, this is just how I am feeling…so make that Jodi, Oliver, and Grandma too…Oliver does love to cuddle up with that duck, doesn’t he ~ precious little guy!

  2. Lisa – it has been too long, Jessica has started playing “Lisa” where she’s Lisa and I’m either Grandma or Mom and she thinks it the best game ever. We’re pretending you’re around almost every day. haha. Also I was thinking this morning I really want some studio photos of the kids before Oliver turns 1 – he has this adorable smile right now and he’s still pretty baby-ish, was hoping I could, um, you know, schedule with the best photographers I know. šŸ™‚ So come home and make some money – we’ll be the first in line!!

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