Tuna salad with a kick

I’m an avid tuna salad and chicken salad consumer. I love these fixings for salads and sandwiches. I also like to make it up as I go – one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to wing it. So, there is no recipe for this one. Just … go with it.
I do know that this is incredibly hard for some people. Not having a measurement or rule in front of them for how something is supposed to look and turn out in the end, but uh … live a little. Just try it once. On anything. A simple marinade is a great place to start with winging it. Make it acidic (vinegars, wines, citrus) with a few spices and add in your fav sandwich topping (for us, mayonnaise) and you’ll be surprised with the outcome.
**Not that I know what I’m talking about what so ever.
Ok – here’s the Tuna sandwich, with a kick!


Here’s what I started with:


Green chilles, Tuna, black olives, hot sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, bell pepper (any color) and onion … not pictured – Flax seeds.


Just start chopping stuff up and throwing things together in a large bowl – no particular order.





Guesstimate on the measurements for now – I generally know which ones I want more of because I like more spicey foods and tang – but taste it as you go, start with less if you’re not sure and then add more as you think it needs it.




Flax seeds – I added 1 tsp. I also added salt and pepper.


Now lets make a sandwich!




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