An ode to breast feeding

Weaning is under way and so far we’re all surviving. Oliver does amazingly well when I’m not around – gone for the day, out getting groceries … or just in the other room. When he sees me, it’s another story. I’m the reminder of the one thing we’re not giving him right now. And it’s not that bad, it’s just hard.
This is all very new territory for me since Jessica quite breast feeding on her own. Woke up one morning and she had had enough. No more milk. Ok, great. So glad she made that decision, although I was starting to think about the weaning process – I’m glad she pulled the plug.
Oliver, my lovely son. My mama’s boy – my baby. Hmmm. It’s time. Do I feel bad and guilty or like I made the wrong decision or that it’s too soon? Yup. Of course I do, it’s still available, I’m still home with him 99% of the time and it’s right there, easy, accessible, available.
However, it’s still time. I’ve slept through the night the past few nights and it’s amazing. FINALLY. We’re going away for the weekend pretty soon and it’ll be wonderful to be past the breast feeding stage for everyone involved. It’s time. And it’s freedom – and it’s delicious.
I’m glad that breast feeding worked for us this time around, even better than it did with Jessica. It saved countless dollars on formula (although we tried but failed in that department) and it really fostered a wonderful closeness with Oliver that I crave every day. It’s amazing that my body was designed to not only incubate and foster the growth of a child but that I was also designed to sustain that life outside of my womb. Not everyone’s bag of chips, doesn’t have to be. It’s still amazing and miraculous and I’m just in awe of the thumb print of absolute genius, majesty and thoughtfulness I see in my bodies design.

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  1. Oh this brings me so much encouragement. I have been thinking about weaning Solomon b/c I am so longing a weekend away but then I think…when it’s over, it’s really over, Am I ready for that? I don’t think so but when I am, I will be coming back to this entry and rereading it a thousand times. I LOVE that he would rather nurse then eat “real” food and that he needs me in that way b/c Everett so does not any more. He is my baby and I don’t have to rush it…right? ;o)

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