I took it upon myself to google. Oh yes. I googled. “Crafts for kids”.
Also – I spend a good amount of time in a craft store yesterday pretending to be 4 and very girly with a touch of rough housing in me. And I filled my cart with glitter, pink, purple, paint, clay and so on. Then I paid and the magic spell ended but the mom in me smiled because it just felt right.
This morning we’re painting with water colors and I wonder why I waited so long to stock up on this stuff. Either way, here we are. And this is what I found:
Enchanted Learning
DLTK Printable crafts
All Crafts
I remember being about Jessica’s age, a little older probably – but I LOVED to write my own stories. We were never out of construction paper which was magically already cut and stapled together for a mock-book and I would write stories to my hearts content. I think my mom even saved most of them. My favorite was always one about a duck. Is it any wonder that I still love ducks? I don’t know why.
Do you have memories like this ?? Or specific ideas that you use over and over again in your house? What are the favorite crafts or even quiet time activities that are tried and true for you?

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  1. is great for craft ideas too!! they have lots of print outs etc. We use it a lot of our old people at work šŸ™‚

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