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It’s past Valentines Day. I have come to realize this fact with sorrow. Not because the holiday is over, because I didn’t make my deadline to deliver the Living Book to y’all.
Remember that?
It’s coming, I’m working on it currently. I won’t be publishing a deadline though because you just never know how crazy life gets with an ankle biter and butt slapper. Oh, and a 4 year old.
Just to refresh your memories, I’m compiling a book that will continue to be published with new content as it comes on memories. Specifically one memory per year of life. I collected memories from readers from the ages of 7-11 but any time frame and any amount of them is fine.
If you find yourself wanting to submit more of them – feel free to send them to me.
Photos of this time frame in your life are also recommended. Jpg or RAW files please.
Here’s a few recent ones from my life for your enjoyment:
Age 19: The year of change in my life. Freedom. Moved out of the parents house and bought our own house, engaged and married and news that my step-dad was dying. A heavy year. Celebration of life in all forms. Pivotal.
Age 20: A reason to stop sucking in, WE’RE PREGNANT! Love grew in so many places that year. Death. My step-dad dies the day before our one year wedding anniversary. Love was growing, but death was killing the rest of me.
Age 21: Birth, we have a daughter. We name her Jessica in the delivery room – she was going to be Onalee or Oliver. Moved into our second (and current) home. Renovations. Quit my job to be a mom. Started our business in earnest. On paper, life should have been scary but I never felt more taken care of, sure of life, secure.
Age 22: Adjusting to life with child. Life was easy, good. Carefree. Husband quit his job. Here we go!
Age 23: Summer wine tasting tour with friends. Unforgettable times.
Age 24: Days before my birthday, on my step-dad’s birthday, we find out we’re pregnant again. Tears. Lots of tears. Of joyfulness. Of signs, magic and healing. Instantly I just KNOW we’re having a son. Life grows and something inside me wakes up.

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