Midday Etsy: Shoes

Starting to look for shoes for the baby. Since he’s taken his first steps (woo hoo!) and it’s getting warmer outside – I figure he might need his first pair of clog hoppers or something.
But of course while looking for shoes for him, I found some for me if I didn’t have mutant feet.
What’s that I hear? Are you giggling and scrunching your nose at me? Uh huh. Mutant feet. Size 4 people. I can still wear little girl shoes. Also, a rather abnormally high instep and seriously wide foot. Although pregnancy has been my friend when it comes to my feet – I can now stretch that size to a 7 if needed. Which opened up my shoe world in a way I’ve never known. I can now officially have a shoe fetish and have more than flip flops in my closet.
Not that I have a shoe fetish. I think.
Mohop sandals yes please.
Lets Go Sailing
It’s a plane
Pattern for rain boots this is a pattern, but I still want it. I want to sleep with these little shoes. On my hands.
More boots another pattern, more boy friendly, I think. I’d like to wear these too.
Retro stripe
Soft sole leather baby shoes
I’ve tried to buy a few pairs of shoes for Oliver already – but have failed miserably. It seems that he has my feet and therefore nothing fits him with a strap. Velcro is not our friend. We need stretchy little things for his feet. His wobble toes. Hence the fabric and cloth and leather shoes. Shoe laces seem to work because the tongue of shoes with laces tends to be farther back but laces on a baby – really? That’s just ridiculous. I have enough to do already, not tie the baby’s shoes every 10 minutes.
Any other ideas??

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