Menu Planning

I try, oh how I try, to make a menu plan before I go grocery shopping. It doesn’t always happen. This week I made it happen and here’s what it looks like. A two week spread, as that’s how often I get groceries. (But I’ll start from today)
Thursday: Honey Mustard Chix (p. 284 in Kitchen Bible cook book) Otherwise hop on over here and find one that fits your pantry.
Friday: Grill steaks
Saturday: Breakfast – Captain Crunch French Toast
Lunch – Sub sandwiches or left overs
Dinner – OUT! Margaritas!! Our fav mexican restaurant.
Sunday: Breakfast – Cereal or something quick
Lunch – Homemade pizza
Dinner – left overs
Monday: Indian Garlic Chicken (p 298 in Kitchen Bible cook book) or again – head over to recipezaar for some ideas
Tuesday: Blank – I leave a few days blank in order to plan to clean out the fridge or live by the seat of my pants. Also – I was out of ideas.
Wednesday: Kebabs on the grill
Thursday: Blank again
Friday: We’re out of town for the weekend!!
I some times write out the whole gosh darn menu with side dishes and all but not this week. I have enough stuff in my pantry to make sides work and I picked up my staple veggies at the store so I always have a few tricks up my sleeve.

2 thoughts on “Menu Planning

  1. So those blank days turned into invites from family to feed us. AWESOME. Although Tuesday was canceled due to sickness. We got Thai take out instead. A little curry is always good for the soul.

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