Parental warning

It happened tonight – we became the family in the restaurant that everyone wants to leave. Oliver has become more vocal in public. As in, screaming for what he wants until he gets it and it is almost NEVER what you think it is. The salt and pepper? Do you want your water? Maybe a bite of the yummy food we brought for you? No??? My food? BABY, DO YOU WANT A KNIFE? WILL THAT SHUT YOU UP??
Short of resorting to unforgivable parenting – we took turns eating while the other walked around and tried to calm and distract Oliver so the other patrons could eat without staring at us with their evil, evil childless dinner eyes. EVIL.
I pretty much made a promise to myself on the way home – no more restaurants with 2 kids. Not until Oliver craps the brick and starts signing to us finally. Methinks we’re going to have an angry child for a day, but we need to resort to boot camp because all this crying and screaming … IS CALLED COMMUNICATION GONE WRONG. So … I’m done. Just done. No more.
Sign camp is coming, child. Just you wait. Mama’s got some news for you.

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